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Day 1,702
Touch #19
Let it rain !!!
Day 1,742
Touch #59
Precious time with my brother
Day 1,756
Touch #73
The best bit of the day, scooting off from work
Day 1,784
Touch #100
Not quite the photo I had in mind to wrap up the series, but surprised how well it worked out
Day 1,696
Touch #13
Oscar waiting for the 6:44 train on his way to his first day of his 4-year apprenticeship. Big day for both of us
Day 1,763
Touch #79
Exactly the same as one year ago #fog
Day 1,766
Touch #82
Something has to change
Day 1,782
Touch #98
Feeling better, well enough to adventure outside 💪
Day 1,684
Touch #1
Feel the need to start a new series
Day 1,686
Touch #3
Bibi just loves being tickled behind his ears
Day 1,748
Touch #65
Another lovely warm day, another great #trois-jetees swim
Day 1,741
Touch #58
Pensive ...
Day 1,778
Touch #94
Day 1,717
Touch #34
Another beautiful day. New best time too: 18m43s 💪
Day 1,708
Touch #25
Three years already Miss you
Day 1,732
Touch #49
Lovely ice cold water in the river below the Glacier du Trient
Day 1,726
Touch #43
Fabulous day exploring secluded beaches on the west coast
Day 1,733
Touch #50 Touch....I need something more