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Studio pics

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Day 1,996
One of my favorite models for obvious photo before shooting with 4x5 film. Impatient to see how the enlargements look!
Day 1,852
My not-so-little-anymore geek
Day 1,984
Had the privilege to shot two lovely women with names beginning with "C".
Day 1,903
Thank you @tania for visiting my studio and letting me photograph you 😊
Day 1,980
My friend and photographer Nadir A digital "warm-up" shot before shooting with 4x5 film. And another great swi...
Day 2,014
Nadir - GFX 50R
Nadir came by the studio with a "medium" format GFX. Lots of fun shooting each other πŸ˜ƒ
Day 1,878
Merci Γ  toi
Day 1,892
Upside down!
Way too many self-timer pics to get one that worked πŸ˜‚ #theme-upside-down
Day 2,015
Alexis P.
Another good afternoon in the studio
Day 1,884
J'ai 20 ans
Great lunch together and lots of fun in the studio afterwards. ❀️ You #eva
Day 1,809
Great day skiing together, fun time with the lights at home
Day 1,794
Have some more Elinchrom lights to test for the weekend πŸ˜ƒ Thanks Eva for being my test model !
Day 1,810
Eva and Oscar
Day 1,815
Group portrait !
My friends from
Day 2,061
Armand and Nathalie
Day 1,870
Passed by my studio and was kind enough to to let me take a quick photo
Day 2,046
Thanks for stopping by Nyon and letting me take a portrait!
Day 2,059
Instax Wide back arrived!
I’d almost given up hope! The wait was worth though as the photos are exactly as awesome as I imagined them being. Next step...
Day 1,795
Great day behind the camera photographing three families ... and Oscar πŸ˜€ This time with two lights : https://w...
Day 2,053
Thank you