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My Pandemic Birds and Animals

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Day 1,686
Nothing here for me
Both taken today. #theme-at-home #my-pandemic-fridge
Day 1,695
Round the bend
So that's how they get in! #theme-creepy
Day 1,698
Looks like someone's cooked my goose! #theme-wtf
Day 1,700
The Wild Geese
Day 1,701
Duck Soup
Running out of ideas now! #theme-wtf
Day 1,723
Day 1,719
Another View
Day 1,692
Strange things in the night
Day 1,702
The Ducks of War
or Angry Birds. This is what happens when you stop feeding the ducks. #theme-wtf
Day 1,690
Fresh fish delivery
Day 1,697
Planted some mixed bird seed
Day 1,722
Day 1,705
The Human Zoo
A visit from the animals - payback time.
Day 1,720
The sun will shine again
Day 1,687
No more washing up today
Day 1,689
Happy Mother's day
A long lie in for Mother Goose today! #theme-at-home
Day 1,694
Swan Song
Maybe the last in this series maybe not.
Day 1,724
Day 1,688
Day 1,691
Sand eel delivery
Day 1,721
No escaping these Geese!
Day 1,727
Day 1,728
North by Northwest
Out my Window
Day 1,704