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My Pandemic views

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Day 1,709
Changing Room 2
Another day another view!
Day 1,718
Another view
Day 1,708
Changing Room
As we can't go out I decided to change the view from my window.
Day 1,723
Day 1,710
Changing Room 3
Yet another view
Day 1,715
Day 1,719
Another View
Day 1,712
Day 1,714
Day 1,716
Day 1,722
Day 1,720
The sun will shine again
Day 1,707
If only it were visible
Stay indoors a stretch shot
Day 1,717
Day 1,724
Day 1,721
No escaping these Geese!
Day 1,727
Day 1,728
North by Northwest
Out my Window
Day 1,730
Day 1,711
Changing Room 4