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#1 9/365
4 streak
Day 9
Day 8
Day 7
Basilica de San Francisco
Day 6
Some magnets on the fridge
Day 5
La Paz
Day 4
Product Photography
Today i had to take some pictures of some products in the work. I though i would upload here one
Day 3
The princess!
So i went to Brasil for a couple of weeks, and just returned. I think she is happy to see me :). Ill be uploading all the pics i took on...
Day 2
"If you have stress, i'm your medicine!"
A sassy gift from nicaragua! :)
Day 1
The family!
Spending New Years with the family!, It has been a while since i spent New Year with my family.
Christmas is here!
Rain Drops
So im testing how much i can crop a pic. This one has been cropped a lot and although it has lots of noise, i guess it is not that bad. I red...
12th day of social convulsions in Bolivia. The people stay strong.
It is growing!
Todos Santos
"La Case"
Where to go from now on?
So i havent been able to upload pics for a while (nearly a month), but that doesnt mean i havent taken pictures everyday, I think i've taken m...