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La Paz

Day 564
Milion of Cables
Evening on Street of La Paz. Crazy amount of cables all over the streets :o #october #friday #evening #car #light #road #street #city...
Day 565
Traditional view during walking in La Paz ;) Incredible City Full of hills. The highest point of the City is located in barrio El Alto 4 092 abov...
Day 1
The first one
Day 4
Through the bars
I allways liked the view from this street, today was a bit cloudy, but there's a mountain at the back (Illimani), ill try to get some...
Day 3
A little bit of the electric chaos that plagues my lovely city
Day 11
One of many car workshops around the city.
Day 29
Day 9
Plaza Abaroa
So this is a square i frequently go through. I really like it.
Day 23
A family returning home with their kids
Day 22
Eduardo Abaroa