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La Paz

29 photos
Day 564
Milion of Cables
Evening on Street of La Paz. Crazy amount of cables all over the streets :o #october #friday #evening #car #light #road #street #city...
Day 565
Traditional view during walking in La Paz ;) Incredible City Full of hills. The highest point of the City is located in barrio El Alto 4 092 abov...
Day 1
The first one
Day 88
So im testing how much i can crop a pic. This one has been cropped a lot and although it has lots of noise, i guess it is not that bad. I red...
Day 60
Day 4
Through the bars
I allways liked the view from this street, today was a bit cloudy, but there's a mountain at the back (Illimani), ill try to get some...
Day 40
Day 3
A little bit of the electric chaos that plagues my lovely city
Day 43
Starting the day
Day 48
The city
Day 79
Day 57
So today... it rained
Day 67
Day 68
"El pueblo, unido, jamás sera vencido"
Day 72
Getting back home
Day 87
12th day of social convulsions in Bolivia. The people stay strong.
Day 47
Typical day at La Paz
Day 61
Good Night!
Day 11
One of many car workshops around the city.
Day 29
Day 71
Day 9
Plaza Abaroa
So this is a square i frequently go through. I really like it.
Day 23
A family returning home with their kids
Day 82