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One day at a time...
#7 173/365
2,363 streak
Day 2,197
To coffee #theme-minimalism
Day 2,205
Just me
Selfie of a selfie 😂 #theme-self-portrait
Day 2,296
Day 51
And what a day it was! Perfect blue skies, fresh fields of powder and good company to climb the Rosablanche at 3336m that I’ve been wanting to...
Day 2,207
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
Was so happy to see @kazziz posting this morning (, so this is my lit...
Day 2,270
Day 37
Fabulous climb and un-tracked powder run down with Y.
Day 2,238
On the end
Day 2,236
My mountain
Great climbs above the clouds
Day 2,237
Bigger mountains
Another big climbing day
Day 2,322
Just one
Complicated day, no time for more than one pic
Day 2,195
In the garden
Day 2,279
Discovered the stupendous wild mountains of the Val Ferret. Great strong climb to Tête de Ferret at 2714m. Looking forward to going back 😃
Day 2,307
Quite a day!
Fastest climb of the season (!) to Bella Tola for this spectacular view of the Weisshorn. Some things will change but the mountains will...
Day 2,211
Tea time
Great ski tour to the top of my mountain. Really cold and windy so happy I put a thermos of tea into my backpack. Oh and that’s Day 21’186 😊
Day 2,252
The exhibition is closing at the end of the week. Time now to finish up what I started over a year ago for the next one... #theme-symmetry
Day 2,265
Day 35
Crazy good climb in a howling snowstorm!
Day 2,248
Lakeside picnic
Peaceful, with C.
Day 2,210
Enjoying the view
Of the lake and Alps
Day 2,217
First enlargement from the Mamiya of my lovely daughter Eva. Good day, sold and delivered another exhibition ph...
Day 2,204
The forecast was right!
Day 2,220
There’s something really nice about the EM-1 that’s hard to define
Day 2,221
Rainy day
In more ways than one
Day 2,330
My other mountain
Great to be back, feel very lucky
Day 2,216
Blue sky, fresh powder and great company. Life is good 😎
Day 2,292
My favorite book store in Geneva