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One day at a time...
#9 273/365
3,193 streak
Day 2,555
Seven years
I remember starting off, taking photos for 30 days straight seemed such a challenge. Yet here I am 2555 days later. I’ve never seriously c...
Day 2,554
Busy busy
Another day in the office finishing up projects. Can’t believe it’s almost six years since I finished my first 365,
Day 2,553
Me and my shadow
Full day at work with rain pouring down outside. Only time for this one photo.
Day 2,552
Swiss press awards
A bit depressing, I think I know why I could never be a photo journalist.
Day 2,551
Day 13
Despite the rain a lovely Christmas morning’s ski with Oscar.
Day 2,550
Christmas shopping
Good feeling
Day 2,549
Me and my shadow
« All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow » - Leo Tolstoy
Day 2,548
Day 12
Afternoon and evening climbs. So good to be above the clouds.
Day 2,547
Revolving doors
Busy work day
Day 2,546
Stairs 5
Signed an important contract today. Still can’t quite believe it.
Day 2,545
Day 11
Fabulous ski in the morning with Oscar, and three climbs in the afternoon, the third one with the sun setting, here.
Day 2,544
At the bar
Visiting a photo exhibition, just one pic for me today #theme-red
Day 2,543
Day 10
Another good climb 😎
Day 2,542
Day 9
Above the clouds #theme-red
Day 2,541
La faille
The crack, the flaw, the defect #theme-red
Day 2,540
Challenging day. All the same paving the way for next year.
Day 2,539
Moving forward
Doing my best
Day 2,538
Day 8
Three-climb 16km tour and steep powder runs with my friend Alexis. This is La Dôle from Poêle Chaud.
Day 2,537
Day 7
Oscar and I stopping for our traditional hot chocolate on the ski slopes. Amazing opening of our local ski resort with over a meter of fresh sno...
Day 2,536
On the platform
Loads of snow this morning so took the train down with Eva. A lovely start to a very good day.
Day 2,535
Doing the numbers
Looks good for next year
Day 2,534
In more ways than one
Day 2,533
Morning view
Winter wonderland
Day 2,532
Day 6
Totally drained after a challenging afternoon so almost gave up on the night ski-touring climb planned with Alexis. Glad I persevered as it was...