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Have a small business as a Life Vision Coach. I help clients on their life journey. I like mindmapping. I like playing chess. I was an E-learning professional. My About me is
#7 166/365
16 streak
Day 2,356
Financial webinars
Uploading to my one drive then share on document
Day 2,355
Lifebook financial sessions uploaded with documents
Day 2,354
Pizza and Whiskey
Time at the Empire State Hotel
Day 2,353
Watching series
Queen of the South on Netflix
Day 2,352
Daily Dose CWB
Breakfast in Maryborough
Day 2,351
Queen of the South
Netflix serious on drug dealers
Day 2,350
71 years old birthday 🥳 cake for church friend
Day 2,349
Bendigo Church of Christ helped with Petrol and Woolworths vouchers
Day 2,348
'Power of Coaching Online' 1-Day Summit and are about to jump on a Meta Dynamics Coaching Model to experience the power of coaching. Here's the...
Day 2,347
Day 2,346
Day 2,345
Chocolate Liquorice Balls
From Woolworths with my $300 card
Day 2,344
Ex unit locked with person moving to Melbourne
Day 2,343
Bible Study 10am until 12 noon
Day 2,342
Bendigo Church of Christ
Day 2,341
U2 Greatest Hits
In Spotify 19 songs 1 hour 25 mins
Day 2,340
Manifesting Dreams and Money, Overcoming Bordom
Day 2,339
U2 Greatest Hits
On Spotify
Day 2,338
Meta Dynamics training
The document on Windows computer with session on my Mac Book Pro 3 key learnings for each of 4 sessions over each day Meta Dyna...
Day 2,337
The 100
Session 7 with 16 shows I have been watching these over the lockdown for Victoria from Frid 28th May until Thursday 3rd June 2021
Day 2,336
The 100 series
On Netflix series of 8 sessions
Day 2,335
Marketing Made Easy
Webinar from Authentic Education
Day 2,334
A Model Ford 1931
Day 2,333
Eaglehawk Community House
Getting some supplies