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I am casual relief teacher. I am full time carer. I like mindmapping. I like playing chess. I was an E-learning professional My email is ihall2057@yahoo.com My About me link is the Website URL
#5 227/365
154 streak
Day 1,668
Facebook Ian Hall
My avatar for facebook
Day 1,667
York St Church of christ
Service today with one of them being John 3:16-17
Day 1,666
Chat in Facebook going
August 22nd chat viewable in messenger
Brigid’s Family
The person I care for who has lost connection with her family
Day 1,665
Mindvalley Lifebook Online August 2019
As ambassador of this group created a google map
Day 1,664
Apollo’s Fish & Chips
Day 1,663
iPad Pro
Like a computer Unlike any computer
Day 1,662
House near Maryborough
An old house near Maryborough
Day 1,661
Working on backyard
Inglewood backyard working on today
Day 1,660
The bloodie hole
We were digging a pole out with all these obstacles
Day 1,659
A development in homes
Day 1,658
Band scanner
The scanner at Red Cross has arrived
Day 1,657
Chicken Rap
Day 1,656
Relax at Irish Murphy’s
My relaxing time
The Poles
The work on the weekend taking out the poles
Day 1,655
Many daffodils at location
Day 1,654
Rust buckets creation
A wild crazy idea
Day 1,653
Park Hotel
Bar & Bistro on drive to Inglewood the hotel is in Maryborough
Day 1,652
Major Roasts
order meal for tonight’s date https://www.majorroasts.com.au/menu
Day 1,651
Brigid In Jim Gay unit
Eating her lunch
Day 1,650
Brigid In Jim Gay Unit
Staying to help with her walking
Day 1,649
Location near Maryborough
Location on drive from Inglewood to Ballarat
Cleaning up
Outstanding person cleaning of the rubbish
Day 1,648
Wood fire in stove
Wood burning