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I am starting small business Life Vision Coach. I was a casual relief teacher in Primary Schools. I like mindmapping. I like playing chess. I was an E-learning professional. My About me link
#6 185/365
47 streak
Day 2,010
Diaries over the many years
I always loved creating my diary with my drawings and pictures
Day 2,009
Breakthrough to Coaching Sucess
A webinar from the International Coaching Federation
Day 2,008
Charger getting charged
Day 2,007
Tree in Inglewood
The tree 🌲 in Inglewood
Day 2,006
My Diaries over the many years
I love creating my own diaries each year
Day 2,005
Diary over the years
I missing my kids Ben, Nadine and Daniel Congratulations 🥳 to their successes I miss them Located in WA and Canada
Day 2,004
The Energy Blueprint
Masterclass enrolled for free
Day 2,003
Study for NEIS
Completing assignments for first weeks of NEIS
Day 2,002
Ducks in the lawn area in front of my unit in Inglewood
Day 2,001
iTunes on Windows 19
Activate Your Wealth Show on iTunes
Day 2,000
Sale Webinars 101 for Coaches & Consultants
With expertise tv
Day 1,999
Microsoft News
Search for Australian News
Day 1,998
NEIS Training
4th session on starting a new business with online ZOOM
Day 1,997
Day 3 of Week 8 NEIS
Zoom meeting for training of new businesses
Day 1,996
My unit in Inglewood
My place with my two main computers Mac Book Pro and Windows 10
Day 1,995
Webinar on Squarespace
Attending training on creating website
Day 1,994
On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in USA
Day 1,993
Bigger plate webinar
A session on strategic planning with iMindMap
Day 1,992
Bigger plate webinars on mindmap
Book in some sessions on mind mapping from Business Planning with MindManager,Facilitating Online Meetings with MindM...
Day 1,991
Mind Map & logo & flyer
Starts up business
Day 1,990
NEIS started
First day of NEIS
Day 1,989
Footpath in Inglewood Vic 3517
Day 1,988
Coaching webinar
Disruptive Leadership today
Day 1,987
150 blood 🩸 donates
Thank from Red Cross for my 150 blood donates