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I am casual relief teacher. I am full time carer. I like mindmapping. I like playing chess. I was an E-learning professional My email is My About me link is the Website URL
#5 316/365
243 streak
Day 1,743
Carlton Draft cans
Last ones from IGA In Inglewood Richmond Tigers 🐯 AFL premiers 2019
Day 1,742
Ian celebrations with Tigers win 2019
Richmond winners of Grand Final Sept 2019
Day 1,741
Taking things to my home in Inglewood
Driven with a packed car to my unit with the passing away of Brigid O’Connell Walsh God blesses her
Packing for Inglewood
Off to Inglewood tomorrow until Sat 16th Nov 2019
Day 1,740
Cleaning out house
Moving out of Brigid’s place of residence at 134a Victoria St, East Ballarat to my unit in Inglewood
Day 1,739
Breakfast by myself
Without Brigid May Walsh Passed away on Thursday 7th November 2019 at home
Day 1,738
York St Service
Emotional day for me with the passing away of Brigid May Walsh. On Thursday 7th November 2019
Day 1,737
Ballarat Train station
In my last week in Ballarat 7th Dec 2019 back to Inglewood after GOD taking my dear friend Brigid May Walsh
Day 1,736
Choosing ice cream
Day 1,735
Ballarat Emergency 🚨
Brigid coughing for many days waiting for hours to be viewed by doc 59 people in Emergency
Day 1,734
Apollo's Fish & Chips
Close for changing in the shop
Day 1,733
Windows 10 videos, photos, movies/TV and music
Day 1,732
Bruno shaver
Use this more now a days
Day 1,731
Colleen and Greg leaving York St
Off the Sydney NSW
Day 1,730
Men's Breakfast
Day 1,729
Goat Beer my hand off
Halloween in Irish ☘️ pub
Day 1,728
Update Mac 💻 Pro
Deleting screen savers and moving PDFs & other files
Mac Book Pro
Cannot update due to. Space
Day 1,727
Day 1,726
TV shows on my Mac Book Pro
TV shows on Apple TV
Day 1,725
Jim Kwik Super Reading
Course I have done over the last 3 weeks with Mindvalley .. Swaying it
Day 1,724
Audiobooks into iTunes
New service in iTunes
Cleaning out books
Brigid is cleaning out books to give to charity
Day 1,723
Jim Kwik ----doing his speed reading course at Mindvalley