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I am casual relief teacher. I am full time carer I like mindmapping I like playing chess I am E-learning professional ihall2057@yahoo.com My about me link
#5 112/365
39 streak
Day 1,570
MagiCan makes opening cans effortless. It’s mess free and in one smooth action it lifts the lid off the can which makes it easier to pour the...
Day 1,569
Anzac Day In Ballarat
The unknown soldier
Day 1,568
Tiny Buzan
Tony Buzan ..(RIP) ..saying goodbye to a great loss to the mind mapping community of Biggerplate & the world of future users on imindmap an...
Day 1,567
Men’s LB Mastermind
Facebook group I’m a founding member. I helped build Men’s LB Mastermind by sharing it, inviting people or writing posts when the...
Day 1,566
Life Vision
Synopsis of my future 5 years from now
Day 1,565
Federal Government election
18th May 2019 on Saturday for electing members of the Fed Govt
Day 1,564
Windows 10 update
Day 1,563
Good Friday at York St
Service at York St Church of Christ 9:30 am
Day 1,562
Blood machine
Donation of plasm
Back garden
Cleaning out the pots in the back yard. The poll for unknown reason
Day 1,561
Do the car for service and went for breakfast
Day 1,560
Lifebook Life Vision
12 categories with my Life Vision SYNOPSIS
Day 1,559
Lifebook Assessment—-measuring 12 Categories
Day 1,558
The As-If Technique
Learn how to use the "As-If" technique to change how you feel! Instantly become more confident, happier, or feel braver, all with...
Day 1,557
Wildfit Cookbook
As a thank for doing a survey of 14 Day Challenge with Wildfit
Day 1,556
Car death
Scrap metal merchants Scott Carter Contacting 112 Elsworth St East Ballarat Mobile 0428357293 taking away the car 21 years old 1997 born
Day 1,555
A southern fried chicken burger at Golf House
Day 1,554
Habit is habit
My Lifebook Mastery journey into week 5
Day 1,553
RACV member
Become member of RACV
Day 1,552
Car keys cut
Mister Minit cut car keys for $200
Day 1,551
1997 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan
New car for Brigid and I
Day 1,550
Wildfire Challenge Week 1 Day 4
Doing 14 Day Challenge
Day 1,549
Donating plasma every 2 weeks
Day 1,548
Eyers House
Eyers House Place where Brigid goes