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Have a small business as a Life Vision Coach. I help clients on their life journey. I like mindmapping. I like playing chess. I was an E-learning professional. My About me is
#7 292/365
9 streak
Day 1,825
St Kilda beach
Walking along the St Kilda beach
Day 1,824
Ninja Smoothie
Made a smoothie with a ninja
Day 1,823
New Telstra
At Greg and Maz home they are getting new Telstra
Day 1,822
St Kilda
December 30th 2019 close to New Years Day
Day 1,821
Gatwick Hotel
Development of hotel
Day 1,820
In St Kilda
Day 1,819
Greg's place in St Kilda
After the Boxing Day event last night
Day 1,818
Greg and Louis on Boxing Day
My brother Greg at Louis’ place
Day 1,817
Christmas at Empire State hotel
A great meal for $50
Day 1,816
A 🌵 cactus
Day 1,815
Tv and video
At Friends place
Day 1,814
Star Wars
The last Star Wars
Day 1,813
Rambo Last blood
When a vicious Mexican cartel kidnaps a teenage girl, Vietnam War veteran John Rambo must resurrect his bloody skills to rescue her a...
Day 1,812
🦅 Eaglehawk hairdressing
A new place opening in 🦅 Eaglehawk
Day 1,811
The month of December with Life Vision Belief Clearing with Lion Goodman
Day 1,810
My unit in Inglewood
My Mac Book and Windows 10 My Life Vision and My Gratitude Workbook on chairs
Day 1,809
Updated Windows
The system had a number of issues
Day 1,808
Giving at Christmas time
Ray giving at Christmas
Day 1,807
Bendigo Church of Christ
The Sunday service
Day 1,806
Unit place
Day 1,805
Ian back in Unit
People helped with cleaning out unit ready for me to return
Day 1,804
Having a drink
Day 1,803
Christmas 🎄
At the Royal Hotel in Inglewood
Day 1,802
Home at Inglewood
Fixing up home