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Trying to capture this world one frame at a time.
#1 74/365
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Day 74
DAY 74: On A Ledge
DAY 74: On A Ledge DAY 74: On A Ledge I really like how a single object can make an otherwise cold, and calculating frame suddenly feel interesting. #...
Day 73
DAY 73: Mood
DAY 73: Mood Sometimes I find it hard to capture the "mood" of the moment. This was not one of those times. #afternoon #nikon #sunday #d800 #march #st...
Day 72
DAY 72: Before Cell Phones
DAY 72: Before Cell Phones One day, not too long ago, cell phones didn't exist. Thus, the need for telephone booths. Now, relics of the past, they rem...
Day 71
DAY 71: Farewell For Now London
DAY 71: Farewell For Now London I love catching intimate moments like these, even though I may come off as a little creepy while snapping the photo. #...
Day 70
DAY 70: Making A Connection
DAY 70: Making A Connection I was lucky to be able to photograph a lot of cool stuff today. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. However, i...
Day 69
DAY 69: Mutton To See Here
DAY 69: Mutton To See Here A few years ago while living in Hawaii, I started a small photo project. The idea is to visit highly photographed objects a...
Day 68
DAY 68: Ready For Battle
I absolutely love going out into the unknown, camera in hand. Ready to capture the world the way I see it #night #camera #nik...
Day 67
DAY 67: Capturing The Streets
DAY 67: Capturing The Streets Today we got out and explored the town of Woking England. A few locals asked us what could possibly be interesting enoug...
Day 66
DAY 66: Well Traveled
DAY 66: Well Traveled On our way back from Stonehenge, we stopped in the nearby village of Amesbury and came across a very interesting man. Meet Mike,...
Day 65
DAY 65: London Bound
DAY 65: London Bound This time last year I was in Iceland. I love an adventure, but will certainly be missing my loved ones #afternoon #saturday #trav...
Day 64
DAY 64: Everybody Poops
The president of the United States. The Queen of England. Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey. Your Mai...
Day 63
DAY 63: Winter In The Desert
Didn't have much time to take a photo today, but managed to pull off the road to take this shot of my car. It came out lo...
Day 62
DAY 62: Great Grandfather
This aged camera body may very well be the great grandfather of my current camera which is also a Nikon. The evidence is mou...
Day 61
DAY 61: Legacy
Whenever I see a vintage camera I can't help but wonder the images that have passed through its lens. #vintage #nikon #evening #monday...
Day 60
DAY 60: Taking Flight
DAY 60: Taking Flight How would it be to have wings that could carry you off when ever you want in an instant? #outdoors #afternoon #nikon #sunday #bi...
Day 59
DAY 59: Irrational Fears
When I was younger I used to be terrified of fire hydrants. I saw them as a ticking time bomb ready to explode under high wat...
Day 58
DAY 58: Lived Long and Prospered
DAY 58: Lived Long and Prospered Today Leonard Nimoy passed away at the age of 83. Star Trek has never been a show I've watched a lot of, but I have w...
Day 57
DAY 57: Dreaming of Summer
I thought this was a really interesting scene. A stark, cold, grey day contrasted with a small billboard advertising a soon...
Day 56
DAY 56: Press Start
DAY 56: Press Start So many good memories. This is one of the original NES controllers from my childhood. My Brother and I put a lot of miles on this...
Day 55
DAY 55: Time Machine
I had to take this photo with my iPhone for obvious reasons. Just like me, my camera would rather be taking the photos than to be...
Day 54
DAY 54: Stamp Collecting
I was 25 years old the first time I ever stepped onto an airplane. Since then I've been very lucky to have opportunities to t...
Day 53
DAY 53: A Beard and His Gun
Look at this fine specimen. That beard makes the gun look like a popsicle. My good friend Erik Pyper looking more manly th...
Day 52
DAY 52: Lines, Texture, Color
Well, this is what happens when I don't have time to take a photo. This isn't the worst photo I've ever taken, so I have...
Day 51
DAY 51: Keys
DAY 51: Keys DAY 51: Keys These were given to me while living in Hawaii. I find it interesting how simple objects can hold value based on the circumst...