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art teacher loving photography, street art and design
#7 178/365
1,769 streak
Day 2,368
from Cavaglia to Le Prese
Day 2,367
On the road with Francesco
We travelled back to the beautiful Poschiavo valley which we got to know last summer. When the host realized that I would a...
Day 2,366
But not a noisy one!
Day 2,365
tiny plant
but what is it? Do you know?
Day 2,364
so many swans
all the white dots are swans
Day 2,363
travelling with style
Now and then - TEE and Giruno train. There was a little train festival in several places to celebrate 175 years of Swiss railway...
Day 2,362
ice flowers
Day 2,361
new toy :-)
Day 2,360
Orchestra. One month before the concert 🎶🤓
Day 2,359
lonely - one of 'our' doves
maybe the other one is breeding again
Day 2,358
Aladdin's Lamp
Day 2,357
beetle on the roof
No little Beetle, but big beetle! But also in an unusual place on top of the roof of a car workshop.
Day 2,356
Manfred and Elise back for a visit
Probably because it is so nice to clean feathers in a place with a view!
Day 2,355
water cups
... for painting, not for drinking :-P
Day 2,354
a bird
maybe Manfred or Elise?
Day 2,353
I bought some new lamps for my pupils - as photo lamps, but also to illuminate objects when drawing light and shadow. They remind me of the litt...
Day 2,352
Day 2,351
Growing is so exhausting!
When I uploaded the pic I did not think that an hour the little pigeons would be dead - killed and eaten by crows 😳😢 so sad!
Day 2,350
a little fighter
and a flower for all mothers!
Day 2,349
Mr or Mrs Taube and the little ones
Day 2,348
sleep well!
That bird was so tired! Half an hour earlier when I prepared the camera, he was in a better position to take a pic with the head higher up...
Day 2,347
devoted mother (or father?)
Yesterday the first dove chicken hatched and today the second one too. We called them Frida and Bert. They are so sweet......
Day 2,346
... but now hiding a small one! 🐣
Day 2,345
poor bird!
Rain from the direction it's usually never raining from!