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art teacher loving photography, street art and design
#8 69/365
70 streak
Day 2,624
fog... thing we did not experience in Scandinavia and we did not miss it!
Day 2,623
Karl Johan
looking down in his street
Day 2,622
Those who are sleeping in a democracy will wake up in dictatorship!
The end of the huge art installation 'Rosenslottet' about the second world war. Im...
Day 2,621
At Oslo's Vigelandsparken
Day 2,620
Flying people
Art in the streets of Oslo
Day 2,619
At the moment the mountain with the name 'snow cap' is placed in snowy surroundings
Day 2,618
try and error?
We found this color scheme testing on a wall of one of the old storehouses.
Day 2,617
729 km
... from Bodø to Trondheim. Along fjords, over fjells - all with this train. Awesome. But a bit long, at least the second part at 'night'. Thes...
Day 2,616
that girl has been a bit lazy during the last days...
... or hidden behind the clouds
Day 2,615
sun and snow
all at the same time!
Day 2,614
Today it was lovely weather for ducks outside. But fortunately we have a very cosy cottage 😃
Day 2,613
we took over the ship
... but only at the museum 😂
Day 2,612
upside down
I love this art piece by Markus Raetz. It is called 'Hodet på Eggum' or 'Eggum Head' - check it out, for example here:
Day 2,611
Well, I was not the only photographer on that bridge, believe me! Must be terrible when it's the tourist season, as now it's definitively not!
Day 2,610
Staying at home day, more or less...
Day 2,609
through the rocks
... of the harbour mole of Henningsvær. It might not look so, but it was stormy weather (and still is).
Day 2,608
Sea eagles
We were having breakfast when these two guys flew their circles outside our window. And then they sat down on this pole only about 100m fro...
Day 2,607
Aurora hunting
Not sooo successful. Green sky behind clouds. But I had fun with my heated gloves that turn on these little red lights as soon as they...
Day 2,606
Lofoten 😍
I took this pic sitting in the bus from Narvik to the Lofoten islands. The windows were very dirty, but somehow I managed to take some good...
Day 2,605
above Ofotfjord
We walked up to a power plant with a view :-)
Day 2,604
The door of the Sami people can be seen on the way from Kiruna to Narvik. The landscape is magnificent there and it was hard to chose one im...
Day 2,603
New city with old clock tower
Kiruna is moving house. Literally! Parts of the town are closed and demolished because the area is getting dangerous due...
Day 2,602
No, this is not a hot river! But a beautiful place anyway. And we saw two moose at the river bank!
Day 2,601
aurora borealis :-)
Not the only, but one of the reasons why we travelled so far to the north :-)