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pulpo living at jazzie's bathroom

art teacher loving photography, street art and design
#5 131/365
992 streak
Day 1,591
nom nom... a bit better.
The Pulpo Takeover, day 16 πŸ™ @bartosz_bizanski suggested me to try some ketchup with the easter bunny since it was tasteless...
Day 1,590
nom nom... no. Not yummy!
The Pulpo Takeover, day 15 πŸ™ I always thought that easter bunny would be something of the most tasty and sweet I'd ever eat....
Day 1,589
I caught the easter bunny!
The Pulpo Takeover, day 14 πŸ™ #theme-pink
Day 1,588
Caught her!
The Pulpo Takeover, day 13 πŸ™ @bartosz_bizanski, I don't have teeth! And we were already in the bathroom, so couldn't lock myself in. But I...
Day 1,587
The Pulpo Takeover, day 12 πŸ™ @bartosz_bizanski your advice on pic was not good! It did not work! 😠
Day 1,586
Look whom I found!
The Pulpo Takeover, day 11 πŸ™ Today we continued with sorting out old pictures and I discovered many pics with that little beetle. S...
Day 1,585
Pulpo Sounds
The Pulpo Takeover, Day 10 πŸ™ Ha! Can YOU play 7 voices, sing AND take a selfie at the same time? I think I should become famous! And some...
Day 1,584
hide and seek
The Pulpo Takeover, day 9 πŸ™ ... and tomorrow she'll ask herself why her saxophone sounds so bad (it's because I left all the shower gels...
Day 1,583
Helping tentacles
The Pulpo Takeover, day 8 πŸ™ Today I was not naughty. I used my many arms to help her with sorting pictures from 2015 and 2016 and mi...
Day 1,582
The Pulpo Takeover, day 7 πŸ™
Day 1,581
Tookafight. I won.
The Pulpo Takeover, day 6 πŸ™ "Stupid fish!" she shouted at me. BUT I AM NOT STUPID! I JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME TOOKAFUN! AND I AM PULP...
Day 1,580
Having fun with toilet paper
The Pulpo Takeover, Day 5 πŸ™ I found out that they still have some toilet paper πŸ˜„
Day 1,579
everything 's gonna be alright
The Pulpo Takeover, day 4 πŸ™ I'm watching the 'everything's gonnabe alright' 24h transmission of the Swiss TV. Many awes...
Day 1,578
My and my Tookaprofile
The Pulpo Takeover, Day 3 πŸ™
Day 1,577
The Pulpo takeover, day 2 πŸ™
I got the zapper - let's watch some fish movie! ❀️🐠
Day 1,576
The Pulpo Takeover πŸ™
I stole their last piece of toilet paper 😈
Day 1,575
Pulpo stole my iPad too πŸ™πŸ˜³
... and is still taking selfies #my-pandemic-bathroom
Day 1,574
Pulpo stole my camera II πŸ™πŸ€¬
First photo photo Pulpo ever took. Obviously not yet a very experienced photographer πŸ˜… Thanks @marta_ii for the idea! For...
Day 1,573
Pulpo stole my camera πŸ™πŸ€¬
#my-pandemic-bathroom #no-camera-was-harmed-in-the-making-of-this-picture #stupid-ideas
Day 1,572
Say cheese!
Cameraclette πŸ˜‹ #my-pandemic-oven #theme-at-home #stupid-ideas #no-camera-was-harmed-in-the-making-of-this-picture
Day 1,571
Baby, you forgot the camera in the washingmachine!
I think this was to expect from me today? #theme-at-home #my-pandemic-washingmachine
Day 1,570
teaching from home
It's different. But not bad. Had a group video meeting with my class today, which was quite funny. But of course many things are mu...
Day 1,569
Hey, somebody forgot the camera in the fridge!
#theme-at-home #my-pandemic-fridge
Day 1,568
on a walk
after a long day all spent in front of my computer preparing distance learning for my pupils