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art teacher loving photography, street art and design
#6 323/365
1,549 streak
Day 2,148
on my way home
... from a great band rehearsal. We had some nice new ideas today!
Day 2,147
golden afternoon
Day 2,146
Day 2,145
harvest time
in the vineyard of a friend
Day 2,144
This space is the 'heart' of the old Engiadinese house in which we stayed during our holidays. That room connects all other rooms on this f...
Day 2,143
We came to this place because there are tame squirrels living there. The spotted nutcracker was much hungrier than the squirrels, he even c...
Day 2,142
Schellen-Ursli's home
Schellen-Ursli is the main character in a children‘s book from the 1940s by Selina Chönz. For several generations, every Swiss c...
Day 2,141
fashion for houses
In the Engiadina valley many old houses 'wear' the traditional sgraffitos, pictures carved into the layers of plaster on the wall....
Day 2,140
Hike from S-charl to Süsom Givè
It is great to hike through a landscape that seems to be so far away from everything that it feels like you‘re the fir...
Day 2,139
Sunset at Steinsberg ruin
After the return from a nice hike with many lovely photos, but this one was just the one I like most! #theme-golden
Day 2,138
art tree
by Not Vital on his castle, Chastè Tarasp. The letters on the tree say ‚the world much is too big to stay well in a single place‘ in Roman, t...
Day 2,137
Day 2,136
hungry monster
'eating' a part of the local forest because the place is needed for a new water reservoir.
Day 2,135
Stockhorn in clouds
Day 2,134
up and down
Day 2,133
the place
This is an art piece by Heinz Brand - he constructed a 1:1-model of a isolation cell in a prison near Bern, Thorberg, but without walls. Str...
Day 2,132
forest passage
on a walk from Allmendingen to Ittigen
Day 2,131
Autumn now.
Day 2,130
after a long day
We went on our school trip today - no tookapicable pics, pupils too recognizable... but this bokeh is lovely too?!
Day 2,129
train station zebra
Day 2,128
Day 2,127
sun ball
Day 2,126
looks like filter
But today I used none, this lake has this natural color...!
Day 2,125