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art teacher loving photography, street art and design
#4 319/365
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Day 1,414
This is what autumn looks
Day 1,413
Postauto station at night
I missed my commuter train in Bern last night and so I had some time to go up to the roof of the train station and take some...
Day 1,412
did you see...!?
I discovered these two frogs in a decommissioned waste water treatment plant which was opened to the people as some sort of industria...
Day 1,411
Gotland sheep greeting
Hiking through valleys (Sensegraben, Schwarzwassergraben) and forests with many mushrooms. I used the opportunity to take a she...
Day 1,410
Ittigen Papiermühle valley with it's industrial buildings, transport axes and housing blocks
Day 1,409
tookatrain for tookacommunity
Tookapic is about taking pics, but also about making new photofriends. So when I saw this pic
Day 1,408
We had to light a fire after coming home from the holidays because it was a rainy, relatively cold day today. It's autumn after all...
Day 1,407
Looking down
... on our village on the little mountain which is even called 'little mountain': Monteggio
Day 1,406
just for fun
On our bike tour to Monte Sette Termini in nearby Italy we went to search for the very top of the mountain. We had a good view from close...
Day 1,405
little big beetle
Classic (and some more modern) cars meeting in the area where we live during our holidays. I think some drivers and assistants were...
Day 1,404
Lago di Lugano
We used the beautiful day for an excursion to Mount San Salvatore from where you have a unique 360-degrees-panoramic view. For me it is...
Day 1,403
la vecchia latteria di Monteggio
The old dairy of Monteggio was in use from 1889 to the beginning of the 20. century. Until they built a new road this...
Day 1,402
Monte Lema
A lonely tree above the tree line almost on the top of Mount Lema. He chose a place with a beautiful view!
Day 1,401
another dawn
Day 1,400
primary colors
We bought new armchairs for my parent's holiday appartment today. Hope they like it! 🙃
Day 1,399
after the sunset and before the moonset
Beautiful late summer day in Ticino! @radsatz if you want to find out the names of these mountains you'll need...
Day 1,398
Steingletscher (stone glacier)
seen from the Susten mountain road
Day 1,397
it starts with you!
We had the first national climate strike of Switzerland in Bern today, one of the biggest demonstrations our capital has ever seen...
Day 1,396
on our way home
Everybody came home safely after a week, this took a load off the teacher's minds
Day 1,395
teacher at the steering wheel
We went on a sailing tour with our pupils today. It was quite windy, and when the skipper asked me if I wanted to steer...
Day 1,394
Outdoor day with the kids today
Day 1,393
school camp life
Until one hour ago she always told me she wanted to become a lawyer. Now she found out that she loves to take portraits... With my ca...
Day 1,392
paper planes
a week away with my pupils...
Day 1,391
#cow #swiss-alps #mountains