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#6 245/365
1,471 streak
Day 2,070
the sea?!
Nope. The little lake on top of the Grimselpass. Foggy all day…
Day 2,069
Sogn Benedetg Chapel
This chapel by Peter Zumthor was built after its predecessor had been destroyed by an avalanche - after having been standing in i...
Day 2,068
Cave castle ruin
Ruina Casti Grotta is one of the most interesting castle ruins I know here in Switzerland since it looks like somebody ‚glued‘ it to...
Day 2,067
Val Lumnezia
The valley of light showed us today why it is called like this!
Day 2,066
valley of fog
We remained at home long today, the weather was inviting just to sit around, read a book and wait until it‘s time to go to bed again 😅 i...
Day 2,065
The Swiss grand canyon
View down from ‚il spir‘ to the impressive Rhein gorge. The viewpoint is less touristy than the other attractions on todays exc...
Day 2,064
Val Lumnezia
The name of this valley means 'valley of light'. Hmmmmm.... maybe 'valley of clouds and rain' would match better fr the way we got to kno...
Day 2,063
art exhibition
Zilla Leutenegger is connecting 'real' objects with fictive stories in her art. Painting, projections of digital animations and threedi...
Day 2,062
inside the camera
Walk-in-Camera Obscura on top of Bernina pass - a place that's connecting, but sometimes also separating people, languages spoken an...
Day 2,061
Lagh da Saoseo
Beautifully colored lake with very clear water in a breathtaking alpine landscape!
Day 2,060
THE curve
… at least when we talk about circular train viaducts. I don‘t know if there is anything like this elsewhere in the world. The engineers of...
Day 2,059
swing the world
On our after-dinner-walk we chance we discovered this giant swing by lake Poschiavo which is part of an awesome project called ‚swing...
Day 2,058
glacier mill
Today we walked down the other side of the Bernina pass until Poschiavo. About in the middle of the hike we visited the ‚glacier garden‘...
Day 2,057
Pers glacier and Morteratsch glacier
Hiked all the way from Bernina pass to Pontresina with a lunch break on almost 3000 above sea level on Diavolezza...
Day 2,056
San Romerio
We hiked up more than 1000 meters up from Le Prese to this little church today. It was really worth the pain, the view was awesome and so...
Day 2,055
little fellow
We found this young kestrel hopping around and chirping and were not sure about what to do with him. He was not yet a good flyer, but no...
Day 2,054
We walked down all the Tremola valley. Not as long as I thought it would be from my point of view of a car driver. Many spectacular views of t...
Day 2,053
the devil's bridge
The Schöllenen gorge was a problem for people who wanted to travel over the Gotthard pass for centuries and seemed to be insurmount...
Day 2,052
Day 2,051
high water level...
... and still no end of the rainfalls is in sight.
Day 2,050
through the rainy night
Day 2,049
she is there | we were at Môtiers 2021 - art en plein air today. It is an open air art exhibition and this lettering is referring to a scu...
Day 2,048
Mother and doughter. My godchild :-)
Day 2,047
huge load
I remembered I had more white subjectives in my cupboard :-D #tiny-people #theme-pastel