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Just remembering life
#6 312/365
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Day 2,137
first fire of the season
When the weather is cold and rainy I can cuddle up with a fire, a puppy, and my love 🥰
Day 2,136
Day 2,135
Day 2,134
Day 2,133
foggy doggy walk
Day 2,132
Gray is great for recovering from tiring and stressful days
Day 2,131
a small green bug on a big red pillow
I think she was getting a drink from the water droplets that were still on the pillow
Day 2,130
looking up
Loved the bright colors. Needed this in my day
Day 2,129
pillow fort safety
Day 2,128
sleepy but still playful
She will refuse to sleep until she really can't help it anymore and fall asleep in a strange place with her latest toy in her...
Day 2,127
The sleepy goat
We had a wonderful day at a zoo and enjoyed the petting area. The goats were very cute and excited, and this little guy was falling as...
Day 2,126
Coming back to tookapic has me looking closely at things I usually skim past. My light apparently has a mirror in it, who knew?
Day 2,125
How I feel
Today was a mental storm. I have many new subjects for photos though
Day 2,124
shuddering blue
It makes me want to jump in and start my day with a swim
Day 2,123
Hello friends
It's been a while, but hello again. :) I enjoyed playing shadow games with my puppy yesterday, and frankly I think that if I cropped it...
Day 2,122
this is a dog and book journal now
Day 2,121
this is a football dog journal
Day 2,120
this is a mischievous dog journal now
Day 2,119
this is a sleeping dog journal now
Day 2,118
this is a dog nose journal now
Day 2,117
This is now a dog journal
Day 2,116
This is a dog journal now
Day 2,115
this is briefly not a dog journal
It is now a dessert journal
Day 2,114
this is a dog journal now