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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
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Day 1,561
Making a meal
Day 1,560
I like the sharp buds
Day 1,559
Running out
Day 1,558
The view
Day 1,557
It's a little weird to be in the dark with strangers
Day 1,556
Swordfish salad
Day 1,555
Good morning / evening
Day 1,554
Where work is building a Lego car
Day 1,553
Birthday dessert for my guy! But tbh the desert was more for me 😏
Day 1,552
Imagine this is what you see when you're a few drinks in. We had a team outing that was nice, pretty tame
Day 1,551
A day as long as this train
Day 1,550
For a stroll
Day 1,549
Omg approved!!!
Been working for this 😍 Ha!
Day 1,548
Queenie captures my heart
I've been reading SO MUCH lately. It feels really good. Especially since a lot of them have been free! And I've been writing...
Day 1,547
Probably something
Day 1,546
Day 1,545
Read up
Day 1,544
Stranger / Self
Day 1,543
My phone camera was able to get the little stamen dizzies and everything!
Day 1,542
ARCs make me happy
Day 1,541
Beautiful day for a wedding
We've had rain almost every day for a month, but today was sunny and gorgeous 😊
Day 1,540
Waking up
Day 1,539
The beer garden
Day 1,538
I was going for the birds, but it's ok now too