I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.

Year #4 Progress
Day 1,427
Day 1,426
Love is...
Going back to the store to exchange one flavor for your love's fav
Day 1,425
Pats Party yet again
As we get ready for another Superbowl performance, our work threw a celebration party. Whether or not we win, we appreciate the f...
Day 1,424
Tadpole Playground
There's a small fountain pond that we freeze over in the winter for ice skating here in Boston, and this is the playground nearby....
Day 1,423
Better than apples
My only other photo option for today was an overexposed shot of apples in my backpack... though I don't love posting my random self...
Day 1,422
Happy Birthday!
Our friend / coworker is in Iceland, as she always takes a trip over her birthday. We missed her, and we also wanted cake, so we got a...
Day 1,421
Breakfast time!
I think we're starting to become regulars here... uh-oh...
Day 1,420
We buried our pet, Lacey, today. It was tough to say goodbye all over again, but I'm glad we got her settled.
Day 1,419
Shiny frist times
Took a bus down to the mall for the first time. I've lived here a year and a half and only now have bothered to take a bus somewhere...
Day 1,418
Day 1,417
Day 1,416
Make the most of the ice
It was really fun to kick these, too, so admire my restraint in letting a section remain for a photo before I went at it. Yes...
Day 1,415
The fabled Light L16
So this is the camera that I had posted photos from on Jan 15th and 16th. The one that I was excited about, but unimpressed with....
Day 1,414
Too much a habit
I gotta stop taking pics from bed before going to sleep...
Day 1,413
Big reports of snow... that might turn into rain. I'm hoping it'll just stay snowy and be pretty and fun for us. ^.^
Day 1,412
Best Gift!
Which actually, was a gift to my friend from her mom, but since the show was in Boston where I conveniently live, she invited me along as h...
Day 1,411
Long overdue team lunch
We usually have a welcome lunch when someone joins our team. However, we've had probably 8 new people join our team since last...
Day 1,410
The most deliate test
And unfortunately I'm still not that impressed. I had to be SO still with this, that it was always a bit soft and blurry unless...
Day 1,409
It's ok, I guess
Got a new camera yesterday, the Light L16, that smaller one with 16 lenses in one that has ever-updating software. Was pretty excited...
Day 1,408
In season
But these gummies were actually delicious. 😊
Day 1,407
Familiar motto
My Luna bar has the same saying as tookapic.! Did we just find where Pawel truly got his inspiration? ;)
Day 1,406
Free drinks taste the best
And it's not even my party! My boyfriend is leaving work to start at a new place, so everyone came out for drinks. It was a...
Day 1,405
Day 1,404