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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
#6 34/365
2 streak
Day 1,859
Time to paint
My S.O. used to paint professionally and loved it but had to stop because business was slumping. Today he got to relive that a bit and i...
Day 1,858
Not the original plan but better
Day 1,857
Take two
I took a similar photo a few days ago but didn't like it so I waited until it rained again and went out in the rain again to get this better...
Day 1,856
Why is our water so foamy
Day 1,855
Our friend!
Day 1,854
Someday my snake will come
Day 1,853
Neighbors pull out all the stops for a smile
Day 1,852
Testing them all out
Carefully burn each new candle to judge the scent and throw
Day 1,851
It was somehow sunny and warm enough to read on my back deck for a while today. 🥰
Day 1,850
A book as a bookmark
At 330am. Might as well read an entire book?
Day 1,849
Cure for boredom
Temporarily at least. That and napping. First day of furlough was yoga and napping and walks primarily.
Day 1,848
Yeah, it's a crazy image. But that's also how my day has been - my travel company finally went really deep with the cuts. I'm also furloughed unt...
Day 1,847
The snow!!
I have other photos that are technically better but what I want to remember about today is my joy in the snow. Today was actually going rea...
Day 1,846
I just wanted a drink
When the only alcohol in #my-pandemic-fridge shares a name with the reason I'm stuck at home... Honestly I'll still drink it hah...
Day 1,845
Greetings from the sun fairy
Day 1,844
Can you see the flower?
It's tiny and purple but it's there
Day 1,843
Rediscover gems
Sometimes it hits just right
Day 1,842
The only way to get out
We'll be doing this walk often I imagine
Day 1,841
Not sure that's where you belong
Day 1,840
Sorry to alarm you
So yes, my work STILL HAS NOT ALLOWED US TO WORK FROM HOME. People just came in to get their monitors and such today and are going...
Day 1,839
Still totally exhausted, but made the best of my day by going to help out my friends with their new house again. Just a few of us today, an...
Day 1,838
We'll probably have a lot of these shots as my beau is working from home for the next two months. Gotta make sure to still get outside. STILL NO...
Day 1,837
Yes, my company is still making us come in to work. And yes, the empty trains and streets are eerie. This is usually standing room only. No one...
Day 1,836
At least I don't have leprosy
Well y'all, I work in the travel industry, and you can probably guess just how badly that's going right now. Our company...