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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
#5 47/365
1 streak
Day 1,507
Crap day, crap pic
Day 1,506
Ten hours of wwe
Bring it on
Day 1,505
Found the iron throne
Any game of thrones fans out there? #got #gameofthrones
Day 1,504
Hand drawn
With sharpie, it looks.
Day 1,503
My new view
Day 1,502
City night
Day 1,501
Marathon blooms
Day 1,500
White Walker shots
Game of thrones premier party!
Day 1,499
Peace at world's end. Sounds about right, yeah? #theme-bloom
Day 1,498
Too cold for the daffodils
Seaport gets yellow daffodils for the marathon, but this year it's been so cold that they aren't even open!
Day 1,497
Charity cake
We have a cake raffle each year for the marathon runners
Day 1,496
That shot you always take
Day 1,495
Date night, suddenly
God we're both exhausted. But time for a bit of a night out. ☺️
Day 1,494
Making progress
It's almost a real full home now!! So tiring, but it will feel so good when is all done
Day 1,493
Confusing and irritating
Repairing up with a really huge breakfast to get us through the day of moving and moving and moving. but one thing that has a...
Day 1,492
Ohmgod so tired
Moving... Again... we've been doing trips up every weekend for a few weeks now, and tomorrow is the big day with all the furniture. Ha...
Day 1,491
Danger: Keep Away
Name that song! Anyone?
Day 1,490
Soft little birdy
Day 1,489
Necessary break
Day 1,488
Blue bikes
Love that they have these out again! #theme-blue
Day 1,487
Hanging out
I couldn't resist the strong colors, and bold lined of the architecture. I also really love seeing the window / repair people hanging off...
Day 1,486
Day 1,485
Unimpressive iphone, delightful little flower
Busy with the first part of our move today! This little flower lives in front of our new home 😍
Day 1,484
It almost looks like spring
Because even though it is spring, it doesn't actually look much like it. It is warm and rainy today though, so I guess tha...