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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
#5 226/365
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Day 1,686
Pretending it's summer
The cheery yellow daylight helped with that, even if the cold gave it away. Just focus on the leaves turning yellow in the phot...
Day 1,685
Ex. Haus. Ted.
This was an entirely terrible day, and the insane weather agreed. Going outside into the wild 40mph winds with gusts over 50 was satisf...
Day 1,684
Exhausting day, particularly more so today than recently even with work being crazy. Came home late, which gave me a chance at darker shots t...
Day 1,683
The power of Dumbledore
I like that my phone could autofill his name! Reading this gorgeous illustrated edition of hp4 every chance I get 😍
Day 1,682
Even wizards and typesetters make mistakes
Day 1,681
Tookapic love around the world
#theme-tookapic-love is traveling to another country to meet people from this lovely community who offer me home cooked...
Day 1,680
Halloween time!
A weekend away to visit an elaborate Halloween walk through park, plus a few rides as well 😁
Day 1,679
#theme-tookapic-love is when it's raining, and it's 53°F (about 13°C), and the wind is whipping everything sideways, and I'm still going for a walk wi...
Day 1,678
When looking down is looking up
#theme-tookapic-love is when I start a little mini project of my own of where my feet are, and strangely fall in love...
Day 1,677
#theme-tookapic-love is when I interrupt my calm reading because I noticed on a windy, cold, rainy day, that the trees outside the cafe window look ab...
Day 1,676
The details
#theme-tookapic-live blends with my lifelong love of reading as the new illustrated Harry Potter came out today. I've always read, but sin...
Day 1,675
All kinds of love
#theme-tookapic-love blends with regular love on my anniversary. Tookapic was a great excuse for taking photos of and with my now-bo...
Day 1,674
When you can't find the words
A really beautiful line in Macbeth. I'll have to remember this one.
Day 1,673
First burger
Day 1,672
Upgrade day take two
Trying the systems upgrade again. Team needed fuel
Day 1,671
Never seen before
I guess I've just never noticed it before when do many trains were gone after dark
Day 1,670
Making good out of something bad
Day 1,669
Lights out
Day 1,668
High tide is very high today. I love it. ^.^ Waves were popping up through the cracks in the boards of the boardwalk.
Day 1,667
Or to the rest of the world, American football
Day 1,666
Little critters are nice for cheering up
Day 1,665
Where I am 9
Leaves are beginning to crunch and fall, and the shadows are following me home :(
Day 1,664
Get crazy
My head is scrambled
Day 1,663
Death by working late
And by late I mean 9am to midnight. So... Late. Or maybe early? We're working on a system upgrade that we -have- to do, or else...