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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
#6 210/365
1 streak
Day 2,035
dawn storms
Day 2,034
plaid and crunchy leaves
Day 2,033
reading and rain
though you can't really see the rain
Day 2,032
I'm practically a professional
someday, no one will even KNOW that there was once a big hole here
Day 2,031
Stocking up
Day 2,030
trees and trees and books
Day 2,029
have you met our turtle?
Day 2,028
"oh shit" moments
Day 2,027
familiar nothingness
i'm sure i have this exact or very very similar photo at some point in here as well. :l
Day 2,026
the moon attempts
Day 2,025
secret panels
Day 2,024
we have a pretty tree
Day 2,023
another dull day
Day 2,022
it's too cold to read outside but i'm DOING IT ANYWAY
Day 2,021
lumped up
Day 2,020
a journey to the outside world
Day 2,019
and we have walls!
Day 2,018
Day 2,017
the custom dream
Day 2,016
I'm reading. It's raining. I'm still reading. No books were harmed; the rain eventually gave up.
Day 2,015
Finally not hard at work
Day 2,014
also work from the bathroom means there's an entire gap. which obviously I had to mess around with
Day 2,013
walls in progress
he hated the paneling, so we took it off. And now we have this... lovely... wallpaper. so guess what comes down next? THE WHOLE WALL...
Day 2,012
this dust has become our new life
it covers everything in the house, our bodies, and the insides of our noses and lungs. #LongLiveTheDust #NeverNotSan...