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I've finally moved to Boston as I've wanted to for years, and I'm quite enjoying it! I hope to move back to Korea after a few years here and start teaching again.
#6 121/365
1 streak
Day 1,946
News to me
I did not in fact know there was a national coin shortage. Apparently since so many stores are closed coins aren't being used in circulated...
Day 1,945
No one's tidying the bathroom
If you want to pee, you're out of luck. Locked fence gate and even nature itself trying to convince you not to go in the...
Day 1,944
Aggressively tired
Day 1,943
Day 1,942
Treat yoself
Day 1,941
Altered perceptions
This is so far from what I had originally planned for this photo, but I ended up really loving this version of it and so here you...
Day 1,940
Pouring rain. Bright sunshine. Confused squirrel.
Day 1,939
Higher tide
Day 1,938
A timeless reminder
Day 1,937
More pics through screens
Day 1,936
I'm very surprised to see a jellyfish this far inland, and in this area to begin with. He was still in a bit of water so there's a chance you mi...
Day 1,935
How to cheer me up
Day 1,934
Very very green
Day 1,933
A second bunny!
Day 1,932
Hello skunk
It's the white smidge on the stairs. We're not afraid of this cutie!
Day 1,931
Shaken up
Day 1,930
Low tide
Day 1,929
The king
Day 1,928
Day 1,927
Rusted strength
Day 1,926
Sunshine clover
Day 1,925
Rain on the window
Day 1,924
Day 1,923
Making progress