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Just waddling around to have fun and learn.
#1 208/365
22 streak
Day 209
Instavernissage of one poster
(I know, it's not a photo, but this is important, too!) This day was actually an opposite of productivity. I did not cat...
Day 208
Social d(ist)ancing
Another not-visually-attractive photo, just a kind of documentation. A day more productive than usual, eventhough I was working on...
Day 207
I'M BLUE Dabadadadadida
(it's not about making fabulous pic every day, right? This poor thing, among some many similar in my gallery, is a symbolic me...
Day 206
Homeoffice '20
another not-so-productive day, eh!
Day 205
Feeding magpies
I miss having pets, so I started to make friends with local birds - especially my beloved magpies, lat. pica pica. I hope they will so...
Day 204
At Dominika's
#theme-creepy but cozy!
Day 203
Let me out
Long time no see, sun!
Day 202
I'm quite useless recently. My main activity today was laying in the bed, writing a request for my ex-teacher from uni, looking at the sky from window...
Day 201
Nihil novi. Another day of quarantine, no special memories.
Day 200
Day 200.
Went out for jogging (nowadays in France it's permitted to do physical activity outside alone for less than an hour per day). Seen empty stre...
Day 199
Abandoned places
Quarantine gets serious. Few cars on streets, empty buses, closed restaurants and cafes (it's especially hurtful, as cafes are french...
Day 198
I did it! For the whole day, I didn't left my room. Quarantine! I don't know which day of it is now, but I really started to miss nature and p...
Day 197
Actually, quarantine became a real thing in France recently.... Fortunately. The weather was so nice and warm, so with Dominika we wanted to go for a...
Day 196
We should rather stay indoors, but the weather was so nice and warm (about 22 celcius!), in the afternoon we took a blanket, chocolate and cr...
Day 195
Aga :)
Staying at "home", socialising by the windows #theme-at-home
Day 194
I've tried many many ways to chill myself out during recent stressful day. Friend told about one crazy idea to try, an activity to get wild for a mome...
Day 193
Next sad and stressful day, eventhough the weather was nice. I eventually chilled myself out in the evening, for the first time in a few days. Me and...
Day 192
Another (which one?) day of quarantine. Did not do much more than looking through the window, on the wall, doing some crossword games and being sad an...
Day 191
Undoubtful times
Mess. Stress. So many information. No certain plan what to do with the situation: to stay in France or to go back to Poland (and how...
Day 190
Another day of quarantine. Spent almost whole day in my room, reading a book, surfing the Internet, checking up news.
Day 189
Food storing
Saturday afternoon, went for another shopping before quarantine. Bought a few cans, water bottles, milk, flour, snacks, convenience food...
Day 188
(I also want to chill)
A small fragment of all the food store I made today before quarantine. I'm getting really afraid of it, of the outvreak of coro...
Day 187
With Ola, I intitiated a small birthday party at dormitory for Gosia, who became 23 today. With a lower budget (students, how t...
Day 186
Place Georges Clemenceau
Hello Tookapic, long time no see! Quite much things have happened recently. I had holidays, got seriously sick, went to Toulo...