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Just waddling around to have fun and learn.
#1 239/365
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Day 239
Agnieszka the great model
My qwq friend, neighbour and project partner, you probably already know her well, she's a frequent model on my tookapic ;) T...
Day 238
I was sitting outside with my gurls, under french sun and fresh spring air.
Day 237
I have a double life: the casual one with my Canon, the other, more occasional, with my small white and pink analoque instax.
Day 236
Sitting outside feeling the fresh air, right before the May rains will kick in.
Day 235
2. day of degustation
Fancy french tasty leftovers. Here are: macarons in four flavors, fairly halved, for me and Gosia.
Day 234
Night walk
This is Gosia. A skillful artist, photographer (has taught me a lot), designer, cook and a charming friend. That evening was spent in dark,...
Day 233
Lightbulb, in proximity
Does is count as #theme-technology ?
Day 232
Walking is nice
First long healthy walk in a long time, with Gosia. Far from crowds and traffic, I could fully chill and apreciate the surroundings. F...
Day 231
Lunch at work
I'm definitely not a desk person. I work at desk as rare as possible, especially with the laptop. It's not laziness, just I feel better...
Day 230
Today I had a nice dream that I'm back in Cracow, I got out the bus and only wanted to make a night photo of Wawel Castle to send to all friends...
Day 229
Stretching On the Grass
In the evening, as the weather was so pleasant and warm, with Dominika we took blankets, water, smartphones with YouTube and w...
Day 228
Day of badly framed photos - checked!
Day 227
Gosia invited me for a home(room?)-made fusion dinner, turkey meat in lemon sauce, penne. Omnomnom.
Day 226
My birthday was a week ago, but I still keep last "joyeux quarantine" balloons as a nice memoir.
Day 225
Heavy drops
There was a huge storm at night. Taken at about 2am.
Day 224
Day 223
The sad story of a baguette
Day 222
W Betonowym Lesie
#theme-vernal Went shopping in the morning, got some french delicacies. Finally started a course of After Effects on Skillshare, got...
Day 221
Messy desk
Another day totally inside, with my very own, messy but own, stock of small belongings: plants, notebooks, jewerlly, water colours, parfume...
Day 220
Day 219
It's my birthday!
I'm 24 since today. Even if it's quarantine, my family and friends (especially those who are here with me) made me feel not like I a...
Day 218
Easter time!
Time spent very well with Gosia and Ola. Two giant dishes this day.
Day 217
Before easter
Cooking is fun and pure love, feeding my people is awesome. For this year's Easter (first time far from home!) I wanted to make somethin...
Day 216
E-learning and an illegal* meeting
Today we had 2 e-lessons, Creative Writing and Space Signs. When you study art/design, most lessons are rather cons...