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Tookapic-ing since 26th birthday. Learning Lightroom for the same time. No photoshop. Instagram account - paralell. Easy to find everywhere under the same nickname.
Cracovie by Kazziz with 348 photos
348 photos
Failed experiments by Kazziz with 357 photos
Failed experiments
357 photos
Kazzi traveller by Kazziz with 109 photos
Kazzi traveller
109 photos
Archi by Kazziz with 26 photos
26 photos
Concerts by Kazziz with 51 photos
51 photos
Oh, a portrait? by Kazziz with 211 photos
Oh, a portrait?
211 photos
Tookapic by Kazziz with 14 photos
14 photos
Wiktor the Handsome by Kazziz with 54 photos
Wiktor the Handsome
54 photos
Longboard Family by Kazziz with 123 photos
Longboard Family
123 photos
Macro! by Kazziz with 127 photos
127 photos
Olympus work by Kazziz with 11 photos
Olympus work
11 photos
Abandoned by Kazziz with 4 photos
4 photos
Gear gear gear by Kazziz with 35 photos
Gear gear gear
35 photos
Street by Kazziz with 24 photos
24 photos
Mobile by Kazziz with 7 photos
7 photos
Take The Leap by Kazziz with 28 photos
Take The Leap
28 photos
Pawel from Tookapic

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