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Let's start year four.
#4 10/365
1 streak
Day 1,105
Low key E-M5 II
My workhorse, favourite camera and the last E-M5 made of magnesium (so I won't change it neither to E-M5 Mark III nor OM-5, sorry OM-D...
Day 1,104
Maja and Oliwia, wonderful sisters!
Every Saturday we have lots of children for hippotherapy and a great team of volunteers - especially this twins, M...
Day 1,103
Look who's back! After a year and a half, my little baby came back from my friend. I was so happy!
Day 1,102
Don Bogdane
My friend's son, Bogdan. A few moments later my car decided, that the only thing she believes in is the future and there is no reverse gea...
Day 1,101
Layers, layers
There was a wonderful moonrise on the other side, but it was hidden behind the trees - and when I saw it a few moments earlier on the w...
Day 1,100
Scrabble mania
My mother used to laugh, that her doctor gave her prescription for playing scrabble to give her brain some excercise. And since my dad...
Day 1,099
Hello, (Food and) Drinks
Another Monday, another visit to Hello Food and Drinks. Every second week I give my Mother a lift to Poznan's Center of Oncol...
Day 1,098
Money, money, money
Do You know "Eight women", the book/play/movie with an intrigue and a nice plot twist at the end? A local theatre group - the seco...
Day 1,097
Just another day in a stable, nothing unusual here
I don't know, what are You laughing at. I was eight seconds late (!!!) to upload it for a good stre...
Day 1,096
I consider myself a lucky guy.
So... it has come to this. I was eager to see, what will Tookapic have to say about my third finish year, but... it see...
Day 1,095
And so the story takes a full circle
Seven years ago I stood in the same spot in the morning and looked at that plate stating "1000 pre-mature deaths...
Day 1,094
Getting back isn't easy.
I took this photo with tookapic in mind, Also, it's one of two photos taken that particular day. From that day, every second...
Day 1,093
One of three
Last three photos to finish my year 3 on tookapic. It took a long time to do it, but let's just finish it and restart the project, shall...
Day 1,092
After yoga pond reflections
Absolutely not related to :) I'm attending yoga excercises almost every thursday for so...
Day 1,091
I like trains.
Especially those waiting for me on my way to work.
Day 1,090
Autumn babe
Kazzi at his finest, as @anntom_xhc6n8d has summed this photo up. Yup. On my way from work, right before the rain and like 5 minutes after...
Day 1,089
Last two months, eh?
So, the decision's been made. I'm back. On my terms. And I'm back with my classical self-portrait with a cigarette. Behind the wi...
Day 1,088
Rearview I was quite sure I missed the day, but I've found a photo taken right after midnight, right after the prev...
Day 1,087
Last minute shot. Really, 23:59. Waiting for freeganism "skip" partners.
Day 1,086
New toy. Birthday gift from a friend.
Day 1,085
A terrible day with a happy ending, my photography friends - @pawel_ludwikowski, Stasiu Surman and his wife Joanna visiting us for a secret seco...
Day 1,084
How I met Your browar
Nothing to write here. Streak day, another one closer. But I got the job i wrote about a few days ago. With way less money deman...
Day 1,083
Hotaru Tomoe
Sailor Moon cosplay photoshoot, breakfast and meeting with @pawel_ludwikowski, psychotherapy session, a walk and meet with @kingaroo, the...
Day 1,082
have you seen a Christmas Tree from below? Well, I did. Another sh_tty day.