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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
#3 225/365
5 streak
Day 955
DatCatLucky & GithagoArt
Justyna, my friends from Warsaw, with her incredibly handsome cat called Lucky. You can find her on Instagram as Githagoart -...
Day 954
He's got a bike. And a board. And he's a pretty good longboard dancer who likes speed as well. But he had an appointment with our common friend...
Day 953
Nils Frahm @NFM
National Forum of Music in Wrocław niecałe a starship tonight. Starship guided by that man - an artist at it's finest. Taking photos a...
Day 952
Izabella #nsfw
My first ever photography workshops concentrated about nude photos. Wonderful model, wonderful woman, Izabella Waśniewska. All under a...
Day 951
Midnight lake
Kaszuby. Kaszëbë. Photography workshops, or rather the night before. 7-14mm is a fun lens to use by night.
Day 950
Grudziądz bridge
I can't live without You, tookapic. I love You, however far we've gotten from each other. I'm not sure I'll come back for good. I don...
Day 949
15 years challenge
Somewhere far, far in the past this woman (she was a girl, a teenager then... and so was I. A teenager, not a girl ;p) gave me her...
Day 948
Blue and orange monday
Went snowboarding today for the whole afternoon in Białka Tatrzańska. It was soooo goood!
Day 947
Lonely tree
I have to find a good angle, but seems that I've just found my own lonely tree.
Day 946
Ski fair
I've bought new googles. My glasses fit in them, that was the only condition.
Day 945
Look up! It's sunny weather above!
Day 944
Mr Hedgehog
Wafel found him during our evening walk. Since it's wintertime and he should be sleeping, but was not - we had to take care of him. Now he...
Day 943
Gray day
I love this building. A bit similar to @magdatko style, ain't it?
Day 942
Fine dining
Martyna took me to a fine dining dinner with a group of foodies. Damn, that was so good! I'll have to catch the streak of uploading photos...
Day 941
Well, hello again, tookapic. I hope You didn't miss me as much as I did miss You.
Day 940
Rybna Palace
Second day of our Olympus work at "Tarnogórski Festiwal Fotografii" (Tarnowskie Góry photofestival) - I couldn't find time to shoot durin...
Day 939
I know. Another weekly break. I know. Another photo of the same aperture. But hey. Weekly theme ends tomorrow. And the only thing I did was unpa...
Day 938
Another day, another photoshoot. I definitely should start charging people money for those photos :P we had a short shootout with Mania's sister...
Day 937
Well, after being asked by @kieru during our Friday meeting, I went for a jewellery photosession this evening - we took photos of shiny things...
Day 936
Evening mass
Second day of dry needling, this time - muscles located around my neck... damn, that was painful! Twitches of muscles were very strong, t...
Day 935
We've met at SLOT Art Festival. She came to my Loesje creative writing workshops and... we couldn't stop talking! There was a great connection b...
Day 934
The man with the dog
Martyna took the photo and I really like it. Also, 17/1.2 separates the background good enough You don't see the mess in the kitc...
Day 933
Streak leaves
Bad mood strikes back. If it wasn't for Wafel, I'd stay at home for the whole day - and because he needed a walk in the morning and in t...
Day 932
Surprise, surprise! I went to Sosonowiec for Spider's Web 10th anniversary celebration and finally met @zzmysl in person :) and after that I've cal...