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Tookapic made me a photographer. I came back in 2020 - let's see, how it goes!
#3 316/365
4 streak
Day 1,046
Abstract champagne a beer glass. Light from smartphone below. #theme-at-home
Day 1,045
Last sunrays
We took the reflector and went for some more shooting in the last rays of setting sun. That quarantine time really sucks.
Day 1,044
Quarantine session day one
We went outside just for a photosession during golden hour. We took the camera, lenses, reflector and a lot of good mood :)...
Day 1,043
Abandoned hospital
One of those days, that You have so many pictures to choose from. Abandoned hospital in Legnica. #abandoned #urbex #hospital #old #...
Day 1,042
NFM home
Came back from Lublin, packed my stuff in the morning for circa a week, went to Wrocław. Met with a friend at National Forum of Music for a b...
Day 1,041
Lublin Castle
After the workshops and a night at the hotel, I had some time for myself to get a walk around Lublin and spend some time with a friend I...
Day 1,040
Kate f/1.2 SOOC
Lublin Photo Days. Grupa Fotografów Lubelskich, Lubelskie Dni Fotografii. Not a real SOOC picture, to be honest. RAW developed in LR w...
Day 1,039
Tongue check
A good evening with my flatmate(s) - Tomek and Kinga, right after a whole day of stress... and a night shooting. And it's an important me...
Day 1,037
Tadeusz Kantor museum, Cricoteka. #theme-upside-down #cricoteka #cracow #krakow #river #reflection #upside-down
Day 1,036
Ultra healthy breakfast
A good meeting with my friend in the morning, then... a stupid mistake, that broke my mood for over a week. Well... it's been...
Day 1,038
At friendly place somewhere north of Kielce. On my way from Warsaw to Cracow. It was nice to meet and talk a friend I know for most of my l...
Day 1,035
Granaries illuminated
Visiting Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz and Toruń today. A great idea from a visited store - go and see Grudziądz Granaries, they're beaut...
Day 1,034
The Opera House
A short tookawalk with my Sister @120mr. She was in her pyjamas, martens shoes and a coat. Yeah. Photographers... My back feels much b...
Day 1,033
Look up - side down!
This time there were clouds. I could barely walk till ~8 pm. Handicapped 30yr old man.
Day 1,032
Black cat at night
My biological clock went quite mad lately. Shooting a black cat through the window handheld was quite a challenge.
Day 1,031
Going home during golden hour
Got up late. Went for a dinner. Came back home. Went back to sleep. Sounds like resting. @githagoart
Day 1,030
Painting in progress
After sleeping for almost two days in a row, I went for a little house-warming party tonight. And I find it interesting, that peo...
Day 1,029
When You sleep for almost whole day, but have a handmaiden (haha, is there a word like this? with that meaning?) @githagoart 's workshop right...
Day 1,028
Last supper
We've had a farewell dinner with two of my colleagues of Olympus Poland photography division. And a meeting earlier. It's been a long, lon...
Day 1,027
Krakow Eye
That's how it's called.
Day 1,026
Self portrait at home
Nothing to say about it, except for that I haven't taken my SD card along when I went with Venti to the railway station. So the...
Day 1,025
Blue and yellow
That were the colours of this sunset. And I have a colorful photo of this wonderful place. But I want to remember spending time with V...
Day 1,024
We decided to go for a good burger before Szymon goes for a train back to Wrocław. The food was great. And looked as good as the taste...
Day 1,023
Anna the longboard dancer
A portrait right after midnight. It was a good party!