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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
#3 259/365
5 streak
Day 989
Oh, I've seen You before #7
Wawel Castle, 2020 edition, first - but definitely not last photo of that castle taken this year. My bad luck last night w...
Day 988
Overprocessed again, but this time intentionally. As You can see, I still cannot into photoshop. Maybe some dodge&burn lessons, anyone? Photogr...
Day 987
Tank driver
Dedicating this photo to my brother @maciejczyk. Sunset over Częstochowa bypass. Czestochowerring. Overprocessed as f*ck. Taken with OnePl...
Day 986
Best vegan ribs ever. After the worst day beginning I've had in some really long time. All because of my stupidity.
Day 985
Tookapic everywhere
Last year I took a selfie in my bathroom mirror ( and this year I wanted to make something more...
Day 984
Birthday gifts
Another year, another tookabeginning. I'm 30 now. And I'm starting this project again and again. This year it's 366 days. Again. Waitin...
Day 983
Sprocket Rocket Arcadius
First photo event of 2019. Last one while I'm still 29. Two-weeks tookawarmup - done. Now, let's hit that goddamn button. mod...
Day 982
Ralph Kamiński, WOŚP 2020, WWA.
Day 981
Secret od happiness to take only that few photos, so You don't have to choose for too long. Neczka in Cracow. Pure happiness. And an orange
Day 980
The world needs more
spiral staircases. Good to see Neczka again.
Day 979
The eye
Though the lens. Another day spent at home. Today, deep cleaning. Whole kitchen shines.
Day 978
Tomasz, my brother. It's been a good meeting.
Day 977
The lookout window
When the only photo You really want to remember is poor and You try to mask it with post-processing. I'm quite glad I did this with...
Day 976
Hereby I name You...
...Jaszczomp. The ASG team from Wrocław. Wojtek.
Day 975
The elder
I saw the man, shot one photo without even looking through the viewfinder and... here it is.
Day 974
After the speech
Tonight I have had a little "speech" - interview in front of about 25 people about photography, tookapic, longboarding and how do my...
Day 973
Bathtub and champange
It was a plan for celebrating New Year. Realized, three days later. Only a bit of mobile development, no PS.
Day 972
Pet semetary. Lazy beginning of 2020.
Day 971
Mateusz and Olek. Best dancers of the party. Yes, I'm trying to make a comeback. Let this two weeks be a warmup, project starts again on my birt...
Day 970
DatCatLucky & GithagoArt
Justyna, my friends from Warsaw, with her incredibly handsome cat called Lucky. You can find her on Instagram as Githagoart -...
Day 969
He's got a bike. And a board. And he's a pretty good longboard dancer who likes speed as well. But he had an appointment with our common friend...
Day 968
Nils Frahm @NFM
National Forum of Music in Wrocław niecałe a starship tonight. Starship guided by that man - an artist at it's finest. Taking photos a...
Day 967
Izabella #nsfw
My first ever photography workshops concentrated about nude photos. Wonderful model, wonderful woman, Izabella Waśniewska. All under a...
Day 966
Midnight lake
Kaszuby. Kaszëbë. Photography workshops, or rather the night before. 7-14mm is a fun lens to use by night.