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Getting back on a bumpy track.
#3 362/365
11 streak
Day 1,092
After yoga pond reflections
Absolutely not related to :) I'm attending yoga excercises almost every thursday for so...
Day 1,091
I like trains.
Especially those waiting for me on my way to work.
Day 1,090
Autumn babe
Kazzi at his finest, as @anntom_xhc6n8d has summed this photo up. Yup. On my way from work, right before the rain and like 5 minutes after...
Day 1,089
Last two months, eh?
So, the decision's been made. I'm back. On my terms. And I'm back with my classical self-portrait with a cigarette. Behind the wi...
Day 1,088
Rearview I was quite sure I missed the day, but I've found a photo taken right after midnight, right after the prev...
Day 1,087
Last minute shot. Really, 23:59. Waiting for freeganism "skip" partners.
Day 1,086
New toy. Birthday gift from a friend.
Day 1,085
A terrible day with a happy ending, my photography friends - @pawel_ludwikowski, Stasiu Surman and his wife Joanna visiting us for a secret seco...
Day 1,084
How I met Your browar
Nothing to write here. Streak day, another one closer. But I got the job i wrote about a few days ago. With way less money deman...
Day 1,083
Hotaru Tomoe
Sailor Moon cosplay photoshoot, breakfast and meeting with @pawel_ludwikowski, psychotherapy session, a walk and meet with @kingaroo, the...
Day 1,082
have you seen a Christmas Tree from below? Well, I did. Another sh_tty day.
Day 1,081
I went out just to shoot this, came back home and went back to reading. And crying, I think. Definitely I'm in my dark period. #theme-winter
Day 1,080
Through the window. Since I don't leave my apartment at all lately, it's my only idea for this streak pic in #theme-winter. Bad, bad day. #s...
Day 1,079
After every party I die One handsome, misterious wizard and one babushka. It's been a lazy, recovering day...
Day 1,078
The lady in red
...and a surprise photosession together. I came back from Warsaw and Caroline said "tomorrow we wake up early, there is a surprise..."...
Day 1,077
The Palace
I wrote my last note on the way to Warsaw. I had no expectations about the job interview, full disclosure - I went there feeling I owe this...
Day 1,076
Five years
It's been five years, since I've taken tookachallenge. Two years, since I posted a similar selfie as my comeback. A lot has changed. Not on...
Day 1,075
Serenity is what I hear
The sound of dog's leash on the ground, his feet, her shoes walking beside me, some wind in the leaves of the trees over us -...
Day 1,074
Old river upside down
Starowiślna, named after old riverbed - in the upside down. A good day, with "we're not in any hurry" mood. Time for some rest a...
Day 1,073
Nailed it
23:56:29, EXIF says. What was the #weekly-theme again? Oh, yeah. And #teamwork is what got me to this. Well, worth it! It's been a really go...
Day 1,072
Agnieszka, my girlfriend's younger sister, and Mateusz - their elder brother during a little garden-party for Agnieszka's 17th birthday. Fami...
Day 1,071
Flying Saucer! Kato edition
For our weekly #theme-texture :) I paid a quick visit to Silesian photographic stores, visited my aunt Ewa, ordered a new...
Day 1,070
Flying Max!
One of those days, that You know You'll spend by the computer after doing all the stuff in the city You had to do... and when your young l...
Day 1,069
Zosia LS aka Kochaj.sie (love.yourself)
Despite some bad moments - it's been a really good day. I went to photography stores, did my work, spent some...