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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#4 90/365
859 streak
Day 1,185
Winter Kitty
Silly girl still has her winter fur on. It's been nearly 40 degrees outside!
Day 1,184
Driving down the freeway
(for disclosure purposes, I was the passenger!) Welcome to Brisbane's sunny days recently. That is actually a blue sky, it's...
Day 1,183
Mavic Mini!
It arrived today. It was nearly 40 degrees and way too hot to fly. It'll be the same tomorrow. So probably Sunday will be the first chance...
Day 1,182
Rail Bridge
Standing at the train station waiting to head home.
Day 1,181
Myer Centre
Blue Hour always brings out the best in the city.
Day 1,180
Hot Girl :(
The cats have taken on their summer positions - as flat to the ground as possible and all spread out. Clydey has even returned back to the...
Day 1,179
When you get to 10:30 at night and realise you haven't done a photo for the day, but then realise that the new theme is logos and this is right...
Day 1,178
Is she about to attack? Give you snuggles? Do some kung fu fighting? Guess we'll never know.
Day 1,177
New Toy
Me: I don't really need anything from Black Friday Sales Also me: Yay new toys.
Day 1,176
Gift Basket
I know this doesn't look too exciting, but this was the gift basket made up by my wonderful work colleague to say farewell, as I start a n...
Day 1,175
If I fits I sits
Says the cat who found my camera bag sitting open on the desk.
Day 1,174
Long Exposure
2 x 2 secs, stacked images.
Day 1,173
Underneath the Jetty
Playing with long exposures and filters.
Day 1,172
Don't you dare.
"I swear, if you close that lid and push that button I will kill you" -Clyde Ezekiel Cat (probably) (no cats were harmed in the making...
Day 1,171
Look, a sunset that was more cloud then smoke!
Day 1,170
Late Afternoon
I don't do the late afternoon stuff very often, so here we go!
Day 1,169
If I fits, I sits
I keep telling Clydey he's too big for this cat tree, but it's one of his favourite spots in summer to sleep.
Day 1,168
I greatly dislike summer. If sunset had been an hour earlier then I would have got some awesome light trails in the foreground. :(
Day 1,167
Morning haze
A friend sent me a photo of the haze near her house on the way to work, so I reciprocated with this, taken from the train station as I wa...
Day 1,166
Day 1,165
Red Sun
Day 1,164
Smoke on the water....
All things considered, this is a reasonably pleasant sunset. Except that's not a cloud. That's smoke.
Day 1,163
Red Skies
One of the nicer sunsets we've had recently.
Day 1,162
What could have been a brilliant sunset was instead strange and smokey.