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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#3 280/365
684 streak
Day 1,010
Passing Storm
Brisbane was hit by a surprise storm - it's the middle of winter and we don't normally get rain in winter, let alone storms. So imagine...
Day 1,009
City Lights
A friend is visiting from Adelaide, and we went for a sunset photo shoot. Unfortunately the clouds that were hanging around just prior to...
Day 1,008
Upside Down Kitty
Clydey very much enjoys his chin rubs. :)
Day 1,007
It's been a while since I've tried a shot like this, and I don't think this worked particularly well.... while the angle was looking down at t...
Day 1,006
Destination: Ferny Grove
Standing on the end of the platform at Roma St station watching the trains take all the people home. :)
Day 1,005
Peak Hour
End of the day with everyone heading home from work.
Day 1,004
Lamp post
Silhouetted against the dusk sky.
Day 1,003
The backyard
I've been itching to get out and do some proper Milky Way, but until I can sort out transport, I guess I'm stuck with the backyard. :(
Day 1,002
Angry Angry Kitty
Well, she was perfectly content and purry, actually. But it looks like she is pretty annoyed. :)
Day 1,001
The Busway
Peak hour buses on a Friday night
Day 1,000
More than anything this was an experiment with two somewhat reluctant volunteers holding the sparklers. :)
Day 999
Looking west
Just that little bit too much lower cloud to be able to see the pretty pinks and reds.
Day 998
Chilled Cat
It was a cold day yesterday, one of the coldest in Brisbane that I can remember (Our highest temp for the day here at home was 15.9 degree...
Day 997
Just a random photo of Bonnie.
Day 996
The fireworks were being held in the Gold Coast, and while it's a daytrip from Brisbane, it's 3-odd hours of travelling each way to get there,...
Day 995
And The Winner Is......
The USA! Personally I think they cheated because they used the Queen "best of" album as their soundtrack, subsquently appealin...
Day 994
Seafire #1
Day 1 of the International Fireworks competition held in Surfers Paradise - I went last year but it was only 1 night last year! https://too...
Day 993
Brisbane City
After an insanely hectic day at work where I left the office an hour later than usual, a walk along the river was a nice way to relax.
Day 992
The Albert Street Uniting Church (Built 1889) dwarfed by the much taller modern city skyscrapers.
Day 991
BonnieCat decided to join me in the bathroom this morning by jumping atop the shower
Day 990
Reverse Sunset
Not a particuarly exciting sunset to fly in, so I turned to look east instead. :)
Day 989
Milky Way
It's been a while since I had a proper milky way attempt and not just from the backyard. Maybe I should have stayed in the backyard, it seem...
Day 988
Jetty with a view
Took a chance with the clouds and caught the bus over to Woody Point for sunset. As we got closer and sunset got nearer, the lovely...
Day 987
Riverside Express
The expressway past the CBD, with plenty of offramps.