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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#4 299/365
1,068 streak
Day 1,394
Under the bridge
I was out taking photos and it started raining - luckily I had a bridge I could hide under for a while waiting for it to pass.
Day 1,393
Had to go buy cat food and saw this puddle in the car park.
Day 1,392
Curled Up
Day 1,391
She took a moment out of her napping to look at me, before going back to sleep.
Day 1,390
Southern Cross Station
Looking down at all the V-line (long distance) trains.
Day 1,389
Peak Hour
Taken in Melbourne CBD just before 5pm. So much for returning back to normal. History lesson: Here is the same tram from 3 years ago: https:...
Day 1,388
Melbourne City
First drone flight here in Melbourne with the Mavic 2 pro!
Day 1,387
I decided to take the Mini out to the park and test it out - looks like it needs a propeller replaced :( But still flew okay. This is the bigge...
Day 1,386
Dark and light sides of the city.
Day 1,385
The forecast was for clear skies, so I logged out from work an hour early and jumped on a bus. Well, sat at the bus stop because the bus was 15...
Day 1,384
First drone flight!
Well, first one since I came down to Melbourne. A very nervous flight from my backyard. I wasn't sure if the GPS was going to main...
Day 1,383
When you tell your cat he's a good boy
Day 1,382
Day 1,381
They were surprisingly both cuddled up on the box next to the window.
Day 1,380
Melbourne City
From Williamstown. It's almost been 5 years to the day since I was last at this location.
Day 1,379
An afternoon and evening wander around Docklands
Day 1,378
Day 1,377
Just a cat on a mat
But she's not wearing a hat.
Day 1,376
Colours of the rainbow
It was a dark, gloomy day for most of the day, with showers occurring frequently. Just before sunset, the trees outside glowed...
Day 1,375
I miss my beachfront :(
Day 1,374
Flinders St
Platform 4, as seen from the train.
Day 1,373
Urban Landscape
Down the road from my house, in the weak winter afternoon sunlight.
Day 1,372
Melbourne City
Another chance to get some Melbourne city photos! A stitched panorama.
Day 1,371
Bathtub kitty
Whenever Clyde follows me into the bathroom, he loves to jump into the tub and curl up. I guess he likes the tall sides?