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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#4 208/365
977 streak
Day 1,303
The only exciting thing that happened in the day was that I left the house to go to the shops. Twice, in fact, because I was an idiot and forgot...
Day 1,302
This didn't end up how i wanted it to, but at least the sky is pretty.
Day 1,301
Red sky at night
delight. Can never remember who.
Day 1,300
Grumpy Boy
After sleeping in his dinosaur for a while, he got upset with me for taking photos and jumped up, moved a metre away, and lay back down aga...
Day 1,299
California Dreams
It's not too often that I photograph here during the day, but I went for a walk after work and took the camera. Getting a bit uneasy...
Day 1,298
That realisation
That your human seems to be home permanently.
Day 1,297
Star Trails
Set up the camera in the back yard and went inside to eat pizza! The clouds arrived eventually, and my neighbours had their sensor light g...
Day 1,296
Close up!
Day 1,295
Clyde is a little piggy
Scoffing down his food.
Day 1,294
Incoming Tide
It's amazing how quickly the tide was coming in. I was literally watching the water coming closer and closer as one consistent flow.
Day 1,293
The wind was up a lot, so there wasn't the nice still water of the prior day.
Day 1,292
I was checking the mail and saw there was a low tide. So I grabbed the camera and tripod and had a look. It was an overcast day, and I guess the...
Day 1,291
Obviously this was more of a snapshot than anything, but it seems to be that Clyde is defying the laws of gravity. For comparison, Bonnie's ear is the...
Day 1,290
It's been a while since we've seen a Clydey photo. We're now permanently wfh (until further notice) so I envisiage many more kitty photos in th...
Day 1,289
Milky Way
I was bad and stayed up waaaaaaaayyy too late, but it was a crystal clear sky and no clouds and no moon. First Milky way of the year! I don'...
Day 1,288
There's definitely a lot less people out, but it is concerning how many people were out on a Friday night to go drinking. We're not under any spe...
Day 1,287
Brisbane City
I went for a fly with the Mavic 2 Pro for the first time since just before New Years. I was a bit nervous because I didn't get a chance...
Day 1,286
"Who's that?"
BonnieCat discovering her reflection.
Day 1,285
I didn't have a tripod so just had to balance and hope for the best. I was hoping for some nice pink clouds during the sunset but didn't really g...
Day 1,284
It was an overcast day with no expectations of a nice sunset .... then suddenly I realised the clouds had cleared a bit and a burst of golden...
Day 1,283
Redcliffe Jetty
A cloudy afternoon meant it wasn't that exciting a shot, and I had to leave around half an hour before sunset. But it's always a nice...
Day 1,282
I had to hold my head very still but I managed to get down to the jetty when I noticed the sky was turning pretty colours.
Day 1,281
I know, another kitty photo. After being in the rain the night before, I woke up this morning with the room spinning and no balance - I had to...
Day 1,280
It was cold, and raining, and made my sinuses even worse. But it was a nice view.