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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#5 178/365
1,312 streak
Day 1,638
4 hours of travelling by bus, train, bus and ferry to spend an hour wandering around the beach here, and then turn around and head back home....
Day 1,637
It was pointed out to me that Bonnie's winter fur may be coming in early. It was a fairly cool summer and has been quite cold the past couple of weeks...
Day 1,636
Hanging on for dear life
Nah, Clydey was hanging out in his basket but apparently decided placing his paws up was comfortable. Maybe he was after a ma...
Day 1,635
In 2 and a half weeks I won't be seeing this view anymore. Not such a bad thing, but when we have sunsets like this (that admittedly I can't actually...
Day 1,634
Bonnie presents a snoot to be booped.
Day 1,633
Day 1,632
I've come to the conclusion that horses are just like cats. Give them treats and they're happy.
Day 1,631
Gonna paint our wagon, Gonna paint it good, We ain't braggin', We're gonna coat that wood. They're gonna paint that wagon, They're gonna paint it good...
Day 1,630
Day 1,629
Day 1,628
Day 1,627
Day 1,626
Surveying his kingdom
Day 1,625
Boring :(
Day 1,624
Went out for sunset, got there just as the sun hit the clouds and disappeared.
Day 1,623
Hey, look, I actually left the house. :) Not a cat photo!
Day 1,622
Sleepy kitty
Best part of working from home - a sleeping Bonnie on my lap.
Day 1,621
The house is pretty messy right now and all of Clydey's normal sleeping spots are covered in stuff so I went looking for him. Finally found him in his...
Day 1,620
Close up
Day 1,619
So Melbourne is back in lockdown again. I had to head to the shops so I grabbed this shot of these flowers on the way.
Day 1,618
Curled up in my dressing gown
Day 1,617
Bonnie sulking a bit because I wasn't paying too much attention to her.
Day 1,616
A stupid day where I didn't really get a chance to do anything. Bonnie was snuggled up on my lap and I was giving her chin scratches, hence the strang...
Day 1,615
My beautiful girl looking out into the sunshine.