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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#8 218/365
305 streak
Day 2,773
Day 2,772
Bonnie posing atop the door.
Day 2,771
Storytime with Lauren! I took the original photo back in September. I was walking to Albert Park Lake because I thought it was going to b...
Day 2,770
I haven't got a musical bone in my body. I can't sing, can't dance. I get cross at people not paying attention. No, the stage life is not for me. But...
Day 2,769
Yup, winter is definitely just around the corner.
Day 2,768
Clydey loves his treats.
Day 2,767
A very wet night on Swanston St. We had something like 20mm of rain within an hour or two.
Day 2,766
The scenes are starting to look more and more like winter.
Day 2,765
It was a coolish day, so I put the heated blanket on for Bonnie. I think she likes it.
Day 2,764
Day 2,763
Not quite as nice a sunrise as the day before.
Day 2,762
Sunrise on the way to work.
Day 2,761
I've had a standing vet appointment scheduled for the cats' vaccinations, which was scheduled for 9am. Over the weekend the weather forecast showed th...
Day 2,760
Snuggly Bonnie
Day 2,759
Day 2,758
It's weird to see the theatre without the Rocky Horror curtains.
Day 2,757
Day 2,756
Day 2,755
Aqua! My inner 12 year old was very excited.
Day 2,754
The tunnel leading up to platforms 1 and 2 at Richmond station
Day 2,753
Day 2,752
Playing with the 100-400mm with the Roulettes.
Day 2,751
Yesterday was a long day. It was the last day for Rocky Horror here in Melbourne, and I went to both shows. I stayed inside the theatre between the sh...
Day 2,750
Roulettes flying over.