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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#5 10/365
1,144 streak
Day 1,470
I am so glad I get to see the city 4 days a week now, even if it's generally the same view each time (taken walking from Flinders St to the office). T...
Day 1,469
Nothing too exciting for the day, but we all know how much I love puddles.
Day 1,468
Day 1,467
Day 1,466
Day 1,465
Day 1,464
BonnieCat cranky at me for leaving my photo until 10:30 at night.
Day 1,463
A storm heading our way, didn't really capture the disturbance in the clouds though :( would have been a great opportunity to get some long exposure,...
Day 1,462
Another hazy morning, although with a clear sky.
Day 1,461
It's been very hazy in the city in the mornings. The clouds started breaking up just as I was getting my camera out, and I was blinded by the sunshine...
Lauren finished 365 project #4!
Day 1,460
I missed the actual storm due to being in a meeting. But I'm never one to turn away reflections...
Day 1,459
Day 1,458
He was a bit cranky at me because he was trying to sleep and I was taking his photo.
Day 1,457
Day 1,456
Day 1,455
The park
Walking through the park on the way to work, around half an hour after sunrise.
Day 1,454
Day 1,453
Day 1,452
Day 1,451
Clydey enjoying some lap cuddles.
Day 1,450
Bird Watching
Day 1,449
Day 1,448
Last night Melbourne got hit with a fairly severe storm - it originally looked like a fast moving but small squall line on the radar, so I decided to...
Day 1,447