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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#3 341/365
745 streak
Day 1,071
Through the fence
Day 1,070
Gotta clean those toes-ies
Toe beans!
Day 1,069
Puddle Reflections
Reflections in the sand, in a puddle left by low tide.
Day 1,068
Under the bridge
Something a little different for me. I went for a wander near where I've flown the drone before, but being that it was low tide, I fo...
Day 1,067
Enjoying the sunshine
Bonnie enjoying the sunshine through the window. Side note, I'm impressed with how my phone handled the bright back lighting.
Day 1,066
Oh hi there
Day 1,065
Farewell EMU 01
Carriage set Electric motor unit (EMU) 01 is being retired, as are most of the EMU trains. Being that this set was the first electric...
Day 1,064
I wanted to try for some stars with the new lens, but completely forgot about the half moon, which means I'll need to wait about 2 weeks. :(...
Day 1,063
Again, playing with the 17-28. It seems like a beautifully sharp lens. The AF hunts a lot though...
Day 1,062
The Rain
Received the new Tamron 17-28 (so be prepared for lots of upcoming wide angle!) and had to go test it after work... of course, it's the first...
Day 1,061
After high tide there were a few stranded jellyfish left on the beach.
Day 1,060
Late afternoon at the park
Day 1,059
When you are out and about and really need to work out someone's height, and all you have is a flood height indicator....
Day 1,058
To the owner...
My friend has recently signed the lease to a new place, and we visited yesterday for the first time. The house hasn't had much upkeep...
Day 1,057
City Sunset
It's a pity I didn't get a chance to sit and watch the sun set, but I managed to grab this shot while walking to meet a friend for dinner.
Day 1,056
Boiling up some dumplings for dinner!
Day 1,055
Running away
Streak photo alert! I was taking a photo of Clydey in his cat cave, but I forgot that the camera was set to a super long exposure from th...
Day 1,054
Smoky dusk
Brisbane was covered in a smoke haze which brought out the colours as the sun set.
Day 1,053
Just waiting for a train
Day 1,052
Bird in the garden
Day 1,051
The Mist
Day 1,050
From SouthBank
Day 1,049
Day 1,048
Through the trees
Something a little different in terms of composition. Still from my backyard though.