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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#5 81/365
1,215 streak
Day 1,541
Day on the river
Maybe not quite the sunny day they were hoping for though.
Day 1,540
Hazy Morning
The start to a 35 degree day.
Day 1,539
A fairly boring image for a fairly boring day. Taken from Docklands, on the western side of the cbd.
Day 1,538
The Yarra river on a beautiful sunny day.
Day 1,537
Day 1,536
Golden Sunset
I saw someone post a similar photo on Reddit, and my mission for the afternoon was to try to reproduce it. I mean, work. My mission for...
Day 1,535
I just came into the city to get out of the house. Just had my phone on me. A lovely still river until the boats came along.
Day 1,534
A tram stop with a view
Taken outside the Clarke St/High St tram stop. You can see why they call this High Street.
Day 1,533
Day 1,532
Elizabeth St Trams
Day 1,531
Melbourne in the morning
It was sunny and a bit hazy, which gave the morning light a bit of a shimmer. I don't know, it's a bit hard to explain.
Day 1,530
It's nearly summer
Long hot days filled with not much rain.
Day 1,529
I feel like I'm being pulled into an HR meeting to discuss my performance at work.
Day 1,528
Go away Mum
When it's a hot day, and you're a hot boy, and you just want to sleep but you end up with a camera in your face.
Day 1,527
The first time in close to 6 months I've come even close to being able to shoot the stars. It was supposed to be a clear night, but apparently t...
Day 1,526
Christmas in November
Melbourne city is getting Christmas'd up already. Side note, I love how leafy this part of the city is.
Day 1,525
On the left we have a crow that Clydey had been chirping at - then it was joined by the bird on the right which originally I thought was another...
Day 1,524
After the rain
The really eerie sunset after a heavy rain shower.
Day 1,523
I'm trying to sleep!
She's cranky with me. :(
Day 1,522
City from Point Ormond.
I used to live around the corner from here, and have shot here before - & https://tookapic....
Day 1,521
Swishy boy
Here Clydey is demonstrating why one of his (many) nicknames is Swishy boy.
Day 1,520
I think the last time I was here, I was looking at fireworks - A bit cringey, good to see how much my editing has...
Day 1,519
King Julien XIII
Found at Melbourne Zoo!
Day 1,518
My beautiful BonnieCat