Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.

Year #3 Progress
Day 892
Milton I had some plans as to what to do for my photo for the day, including trying more star trails, but when I pulled it out my camera was completel...
Day 891
Star Trails
Star Trails I decided to set up the camera in the backyard while I did some cleaning inside. Roughly 46 minutes later (92 x 30 second exposures) this...
Day 890
Vertical Sunset
Vertical Sunset The last (and pretty much only) glimpse of the sun on an overcast day.
Day 889
Birdy Sitting on the clothes line.
Day 888
Trying to watch TV here!
Trying to watch TV here! Anyone else have this problem??
Day 887
Sunbeams Sometimes the nicer drone photos don't have to be the higher ones.
Day 886
Marina I am determined to one day take a photo of the marina and make it look interesting. This is not one of those days.
Day 885
Golden Hour
Golden Hour Not the usual sort of drone shot. It was a particularly boring sunset so I decided to have a lot around the foreshore.
Day 884
BonnieCat Just a nice photo of BonnieCat casually hanging out on the floor.
Day 883
So Pop
So Pop Yes, I've had no voice for a week. But you know what I've been waiting for longer? The ticket to So Pop that I bought back in October for a not...
Day 882
Fuzzy Little Toe Beans
Fuzzy Little Toe Beans
Day 881
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever I'm sick of being sick. I haven't had a voice now since Monday, and while overall I feel fine, I have no energy. I want to go outside and...
Day 880
Reflections in the sand
Reflections in the sand So, still sick. Laryngitis! Yay! I've had no voice since Monday, and to be honest not much energy. So all my photos have been...
Day 879
Shelter in the Storm
Shelter in the Storm Finally Brisbane is seeing more than the odd 2 minute rain shower. Nothing too exciting but it's nice watching the clouds and rai...
Day 878
Rainbow Lorikeets
Rainbow Lorikeets Just hanging out on a tree together.
Day 877
End of Day
End of Day Did I mention I've been sick? I at least managed to leave the house today. Overall it's been a productive day - washing done, I managed to...
Day 876
From behind closed doors
From behind closed doors I'm sick :( Haven't even left the house today. This is the sunset as from my front door. The foreground is fairly dark as it...
Day 875
BonnieCat The most amazing thing happened. Bonnie and I were lying in the airconditioning listening to music. Bohemian Rhapsody came on and I started...
Day 874
Long Exposure
Long Exposure I did actually take my Sony out today, but when I went to turn it on after work it was on 0% battery, so I headed home. It had the poten...
Day 873
GECKO! There's a gecko up there, how do I get to it....
Day 872
Russell Island
Russell Island I've been looking after my friend's little girl for the past few days while my friend has been in hospital. I've been wanting to come d...
Day 871
Life Lessons
Life Lessons Teach the kid to mow the lawn, and problem solved! (until she grows up)
Day 870
The Pier
The Pier Headed down to the Shorncliffe Pier on a warm humid night at low tide. I forgot how hard it is to not overexpose the pier. :/
Day 869
Fireworks! Australia Day fireworks on the Brisbane River.