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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#6 138/365
1,637 streak
Day 1,963
A hot boy trying to cool down :(
Day 1,962
The city from Punt Road bridge.
Day 1,961
Melbourne is getting to the hot part of the year - January/Feb can often be 35-45 degrees celsius. Last year I was in the nice new climate controlled...
Day 1,960
Day 1,959
Day 1,958
Day 1,957
Three Trees
Day 1,956
Bonnie Cat
Day 1,955
Sunset at the Bolte Bridge
Day 1,954
Day 1,953
We were predicted to get thunderstorms during the morning, and up to 35mm of rain. When nothing eventuated, I ventured over to the other side of town...
Day 1,952
He is such a drama queen
Day 1,951
Was hoping the clouds would be nice on sunset but they mostly drifted away :(
Day 1,950
Day 1,949
Clydey in his unicorn
Day 1,948
Clydey on his cat tree, having caught sight of a bird.
Day 1,947
Late night Clydey photo
Day 1,946
I missed another storm, I went to the city but it went south. But I found a spot to watch it go past. The chainlink fence, rubbish, and sto...
Day 1,945
We've had a few days of storms, and I saw the most beautiful shelf cloud building, but by the time I got to St Kilda it'd mostly gone over (still got...
Day 1,944
Brighton Beach
Day 1,943
Melbourne city at dusk
Decided to take an ND filter out with me and play with long exposures.
Day 1,942
When you're a cat, just trying to blend into the heater and fireplace.
Day 1,941
The mysterious "out there".
Day 1,940
Went to St Kilda on a 30 degree day and for some reason was surprised to find it busy. We were supposed to get a storm but it didn't eventuate. But th...