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Lauren Huston

Female who floats between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (although mostly Brisbane and Melbourne). Occasionally with a bout of pink hair.
#4 130/365
899 streak
Day 1,225
I always describe Bonnie's sleeps as having "Dad-naps" because she falls asleep exactly like he does. Both just start nodding off.
Day 1,224
I've shot from here a few times, but generally not from this angle! We received a lot of rain in a short period, so the puddles were still...
Day 1,223
After a day of rain, the clouds cleared to the east giving the appearance of a beautiful blue sky. If I'd taken a photo behind me to the west,...
Day 1,222
The Botannical Gardens at the southern end of the city, with a small storm passing by.
Day 1,221
It was overcast most of the day, so I didn't bother worrying about sunset. I was outside patting the next door neighbour's cat (in full view of...
Day 1,220
I think this is likely to be very uninteresting to anyone but me, but I bought this plant months ago.... and as per tradition killed it alm...
Day 1,219
I found this on my desk ... Christmas wrapping paper discarded from a gift. I thought it was cute. :)
Day 1,218
Muted Sunset
Still a lot of smoke and haze in the air. While the sun isn't red anymore, it's still blocking a lot of the sunlight.
Day 1,217
The Lion
A fountain in Anzac Square on the way to the train station
Day 1,216
Palm Trees
Random inner city shot.
Day 1,215
Sandgate station, Late Afternoon
Day 1,214
She vant to suck your blood
Someone's been watching too much Dracula.
Day 1,213
Riding lessons
Teaching the child to ride a bike. Pretty sure I was her age the last time I rode a bike. Turns out I remembered how to do it. :)
Day 1,212
Woody Point
It was one of the clearest days we've had in a long time, until sunset showed that there was still quite a lot of haze on the horizon.
Day 1,211
"Go away already and stop taking photos of me!"
Day 1,210
First cat photo of the year!
Day 1,209
Welcome 2020
After the 8:30 fireworks, I moved spots to try something different. Both a good and a bad thing. Obviously I was much further away from t...
Day 1,208
8:30 fireworks
Goodbye to 2019.
Day 1,207
That point when you go flying in a new location in the city and it starts raining and you're all :( but the rain stops after a few minutes and yo...
Day 1,206
It's a hard life, being a cat
Day 1,205
The next outing with the Mavic Mini. This shot would have been challenging at the best of times with drones, because of the dynamic range needed....
Day 1,204
Low Tide
Low tide with the water rushing through the rocks, with rain approaching in the distance.
Day 1,203
Bonnie showing off her Christmas present, a scratching bowl that she can curl up in.
Day 1,202
Clydey posing with his new elephant scratcher. Unfortunately he was only happy to post in this direction, so we don't get to see the front of...