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Łukasz Oślizło

20 y.o. entrepreneur and photographer. Co-founder at MakeTheWeb.
#2 341/365
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Day 706
🎧 Lazy day
Did some catching up on podcasts today. Generally a bit lazy day. It's hard to get to normal functioning after changing my timezone by 7 ho...
Day 705
😴 Sunday mood
Day 704
👨🏻‍💻 Editing photos
Spent the day editing some photos from the trip.
Day 703
🏡 Back home
I love traveling but I also love coming back home 😅
Day 702
🛬 Coming back
Day 701
🏮 Last day here
So that's it, tomorrow morning I have a flight back to Poland. Had so much fun here. I'm definitely coming back!
Day 700
🌃City at night
Day 699
🏙 Nagasaki from above
I went up some evacuation staircase and took this photo. As soon as I did it, a security guard showed up and I had to quickly ge...
Day 698
🌆 Architecture
Today we’ve arrived in Nagasaki
Day 697
👨‍🍳 Chef
Spent the morning in Hiroshima and then we took a ferry to Itsukushima where I tried some local food and met a lot of friendly deers 🦌 who lo...
Day 696
👘 Kimono girl
Day 695
🚅 Train station
Day 694
The cars I see in Tokyo are the weirdest I've ever seen
Day 693
⛩ Tokyo
Spent the day wandering around Tokyo, insanely huge city.
Day 692
🇯🇵 Japan vibes
It's my first visit to Asia and as an European, I'm amazed how different it all is!
Day 691
✈️ Flight time!
Today I'm flying to Japan! I'm so excited for this trip!
Day 690
🚁 From above
My mom and #Moya watching the sunset.
Day 689
📦 New baby
New addition to my #gear collection! Finally got the Sigma 16mm f/1.4.
Day 688
🚁 Flying the drone
Day 687
🖼 Prints
I made some prints of my Baltic sea photos to hang on the wall in my mother's office. It turned out great and I'm considering selling them. N...
Day 686
🛒 Shopping
I'm preparing for my trip to Japan which is starting this Sunday! Added a spare DJI battery to my #gear.
Day 685
🌯 Kebab time
Decided to stop for a kebab after my workout 😆
Day 684
🐶 On a walk
Tookawalk™ with #Moya today
Day 683
😼 Sleepy