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20 y.o. entrepreneur and photographer. Co-founder at MakeTheWeb.
#3 94/365
149 streak
Day 824
πŸ‘ Sheeps!
Found those guys while we were visiting our family.
Day 823
Today I've been taking some ad photos for a dentist.
Day 822
Day 821
πŸ₯€ Retro design
I love these retro Pepsi bottles!
Day 820
🌫 Bad weather, worse photo
I've been having a lot of these shitty photo days lately :/
Day 819
πŸ… The guard
Day 818
The weather wasn't that bad so I shot some fall photos.
Day 817
Day 816
🐢 Puppy playing with mother
Today I was cuddling with 9 puppies at once. Can’t imagine a better day! πŸ˜„ #theme-doggos
Day 815
Day 814
Day 813
πŸ–• this weather
Day 812
🎞 First roll!
I'm gonna shoot my first film roll! Super excited for this! Too bad I can't post it here πŸ˜‚ Also, I like how my hoodie matches the Kodak...
Day 811
Day 810
πŸ“ Last raspberries
Day 809
Day 808
πŸ“– A new book
Day 807
🐢 Playing with Moya
Day 806
🏒 Tokio24 again
This is the second time I've visited the Tokio24 exhibition, which is finishing this week. A truly great experience that feels like a...
Day 805
🐢 Little beast
This is PtyΕ› - an awesome dog of my friend PaweΕ‚!
Day 804
πŸ›  In the garden
Day 803
Just a regular streak pic. I don't know why I only took my camera out when the sun was nearly gone, as the weather was amazing for the whole day......
Day 802
πŸ•Ή Gaming
Day 801
🎞 Finish
I'm finally finishing editing my short video from holidays. I don't know why is it always taking me so long...