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Łukasz Oślizło

20 y.o. entrepreneur and photographer. Co-founder at MakeTheWeb.
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Day 766
🚄 Going back home
After flying back from Corfu, we spent one night in Warsaw and today I'm taking a train back home. I know, it might sound weird and...
Day 765
🍽 Last breakfast here
This is our last day on Corfu. We're flying back to Poland this afternoon.
Day 764
🌊 Cruise
Today we went on a 10 hour ship cruise around some smaller islands here and it was so great. The heat is so much more tolerable with the wind...
Day 763
Day 762
We did a little photoshoot while on the beach. The sunlight looked amazing! The 85mm is a really good lens, although it's a bit hard to focus with a...
Day 761
🍽 Dinner time
We spent the day looking for a small, more private beach (which we did find, but only 1 photo per day so it’s gonna be a secret 😛) and t...
Day 760
🛩 Corfu time
We went on a few days trip to visit my friend currently living in Corfu.
Day 759
First time drinking something with kombucha.
Day 758
Nothing better than ordering food from my favorite pizza place.
Day 757
👨🏻‍💻 Editing
I've started editing the movie from Croatia.
Day 756
⛽️ On the road
Our Croatia trip has come to an end.
Day 755
Our last day here
Day 754
🌃 Evening view
Day 753
I love the sunlight in this one!
Day 752
🌌 Astrophotography
The visibility at night here is pretty good!
Day 751
🐟 Grilled fish
The owners of the villa we're staying in prepared a surprise dinner for us today. Everything was so tasty!
Day 750
🏞 Omis
The cliffs surrounding the city look so surreal.
Day 749
Spending evenings at the seaside is definitely one of my favorite things here.
Day 748
We went to the Krka national park and I managed to fly the drone for a bit there. Gotta admit it was a bit scary to fly near so many people, (and ma...
Day 747
Took my new phone wallpaper today. 😎Croatia is so beautiful!
Day 746
Day 745
🌅 The view
This is gonna be our terrace view for the next two weeks.
Day 744
📸 Gear
I'm packing up my gear and tomorrow we're leaving to Croatia!
Day 743