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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#4 120/365
843 streak
Day 1,215
Day 1,214
empty marina before season
Windy day but short walk is a must
Day 1,213
I prefer black and white version but Jacek told me that this one is more beautiful. I took his advice.
Day 1,212
Strange weather. Rain, sun, wind at the same time.
Day 1,211
Jambo Jet
Charter double deck landed at Gdansk airport yesterday. I manage to go to say good bye when it took off to SIN today afternoon. Ca 100 peopl...
Day 1,210
City would look great if all houses were white.
Day 1,209
I have not used macro lens for quite time already.
Day 1,208
the view
Another view from my office's window. Something for #theme-brands This is the logo of developer. They have built a couple of apartments house...
Day 1,207
in port
Sun is still high after work
Day 1,206
I took part in yearly/national meeting of travelers, climbers and sailors in Gdynia. My photo was in final for grand prix in top 24 pictures. T...
Day 1,205
Playing with the light at school. Long exposure, flash light, led lamp.
Day 1,204
I was taking photos at charity party for 200 people. I was more interested in backstage photo (this one was taken in the kitchen) than in ba...
Day 1,203
back view
Never seen it from the back.
Day 1,202
#selfie for weekly theme #theme-womanhood
Day 1,201
The wind was so strong that it was quite difficult to use umbrella today. No way walking with camera, just quick photo from my office window.
Day 1,200
golden hour
Great light after storm and before sunset. The view from my office window.
Day 1,199
Last minute photo to #theme-message
Day 1,198
petrol station
last minute picture on the way to dinner with friends
Day 1,197
Working hard
Hard time for me busy with my job and school for tomorrow I need to present 7 different topic for half a year exams. This is one of them...
Day 1,196
Highway 2
same, same but different https://tookapic.com/photos/719004 on the way back home. Same bridge, same highway.
Day 1,195
mobile addicted?
We all spend too much time looking at our mobiles. #theme-messages #street-phootgraphy #warszawa
Day 1,194
Do not drive and take pictures! On the A1 highway, business trip this time by car.
Day 1,193
I think this is my first approach to our city museum. I took some pic inside but never outside #neon-light #sign #theme-messages #architecture
Day 1,192
London #3 day 4
something for #theme-mono almost #no-photo-day Coming back home quite early, alone, Jacek stays a couple of days longer in UK.