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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#4 238/365
961 streak
Day 1,333
Berlin day 3
Under the bridge for WT #theme-negative-space #berlin #train
Day 1,332
Berlin day2
Taken during guided tour in Tempelhof airport.
Day 1,331
Berlin day 1
City break with a friend. I spotted tiny people in Reichstag.
Day 1,330
Olivia Star
The highest building in 3city. I took part in Instameet. The view from 32 level is fantastic. I need to come back for photos, as spent mor...
Day 1,329
@marysiaork happy birthday
Day 1,328
I could almost see it from my hotel window. 3 house of block with very interesting shape and balconies from 70s.
Day 1,327
Golden eye
Justyna took me for staircase hunting in Warsaw. We were so lucky with entering different places. I must say some of places are just awesom...
Day 1,326
on the way back from restaurant I open the window and start to shoot. My colleauge told me hold on, I will slow down in a minute. No need, I repl...
Day 1,325
one more in B&W this week
Day 1,324
Found in passage in Gdańsk on the way back from theatre.
Day 1,323
Opener festival 2019
Cool to be here
Day 1,322
picture in picture. I have printed my photo to put into frame in apartment.
Day 1,321
Taking while driving
Sorry I should not
Day 1,320
strike picture, so busy this days
Day 1,319
I like how the light reflects,
Day 1,318
at dusk
I went for a ride with my sister and Marysia.
Day 1,317
Ferris wheel
I took once white and teal. Why not pink, this time.
Day 1,316
less clouds than yesterday
Day 1,315
little plane
Great day, I went for photo walk in Port. We walked ca 10 km, enjoying view and taking a lot of pictures. As I need to send photos for ap...
Day 1,314
kino goplana
Hot but good day. I was invited by @yelloy for a drink. We had a lot of talks about photography and tookapic. It was so nice to meet also...
Day 1,313
Waterfront from above
short walk during lunch time to get some fresh air.
Day 1,312
No wind, flags are looking like rags, sorry.
Day 1,311
such a nice day, spending time with friend and family
Day 1,310
in garden
not in mood for taking photos