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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#4 209/365
932 streak
Day 1,304
in flowers
Last day at school. We set up lights and took some last portraits of ourselves. This one was taken by Kinga (my PP). I will miss those all...
Day 1,303
for WT at school #theme-bicycles
Day 1,302
Flight back home
After busy days in Austria
Day 1,301
Looking up
In mountains
Day 1,300
Sport resort
In Tirol,
Day 1,299
BIKE road
something for WT #theme-bicycles
Day 1,298
I re-colored umbrellas in Finlandia bar. This shade of blue is definitely cooler for me.
Day 1,297
double exposure
you can hardly see it is two frames
Day 1,296
Fisz Emade Tworzywo
In Sopot
Day 1,295
I do not dare to cut it from my garden. These are from flower shop. #flowers #bunch-flowers #peony
Day 1,294
One day business trip to Warsaw
Day 1,293
in my garden
Day 1,292
ConcertWe love Poland. 30 anniversary of free election to parlament
Day 1,291
many flowers
This bush is blooming like a hell.
Day 1,290
in the Gdańsk Shipyard old building
Day 1,289
In Gdansk
Day 1,288
The travel book
We have a habit to mark every country we had visited with post it in great "The travel book" by Lonely Planet. We also open it for cou...
Day 1,287
my girls
I took my sis and niece for photo session at my school. I am devastated. Need to come back to practice more.
Day 1,286
Post office
another square from my city
Day 1,285
From business trip
Day 1,284
I have many diffrent types hostas in my garden. They are fresh and not eaten by snails yet.
Day 1,283
#openhousegdynia day 2
Day 1,282
under construction
a lot of walking #openhousegdynia 5th times already
Day 1,281
Visiting ferry boat to Sweden. I won once trip for 2 but could not make it. Would be great to go there soon.