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I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#4 329/365
1,052 streak
Day 1,424
We had more summer weather during a day than autumn #theme-fall
Day 1,423
Spending time with Marysia and her mum.
Day 1,422
Still hope to print my book from pictures taken in 2018 as well as 2019. I think I need to come back to my shadow series one day. Actually m...
Day 1,421
and the winner is..
Thanks to my love to Tookapic and photography (#theme-tookapic-love) my picture taken on 24.04.2018
Day 1,420
by the sea
after work, still some daylight
Day 1,419
blue hour
difficult time at work, good to have a reason to go by the sea. #long-exposition #seaside
Day 1,418
maple #2
from my garden
Day 1,417
entering port
Smooth trip back home. I need come back next year, there is something more worth visit in the area.
Day 1,416
Vincent and Jacek
Taken during Van Gogh Alive show in Kalmar castle.
Day 1,415
Enjoying time together in Sweden. Staircase in Kalmar Art Museum.
Day 1,414
Trip to Sweden
I won ferry boat trip to Sweden again. This time we will explore Kalmar.
Day 1,413
another year passed, should be nice day but it wasn't. Feeling cold, tomorrow supposed to go for weekend break. Hope to feel better.
Day 1,412
Little pier
On the way to Gdańsk. Happily I found some time to see beach and sea.
Day 1,411
Lunch with Jacek thinking about overseas holidays.
Day 1,410
Figa z makiem, pasternakiem
Jacek is back home.
Day 1,409
I remember this footbridge from 80's. It will be demolish soon.
Day 1,408
My first work as a photographer at the event. I just went through my pictures and I am a little bit afraid if I can find 20 good pictures.
Day 1,407
Sala kongresowa
Quick walk to take photo before departure back home
Day 1,406
Such great weather, I went for short walk during lunch break. There is some sealife in the port.
Day 1,405
before work
Day 1,404
Anemone in 2019
I shot this flower from 2015. Only forgot in 2017 https://tookap...
Day 1,403
Day 1,402
maybe second cat in my journal. One of brothers/sisters run out, second one pose for me.
Day 1,401
Manage to see a couple of films at festival. #theme-dark