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Magda Korzewska

I have started my project in November 2015 and I just can't get enough.
#5 339/365
24 streak
Day 1,799
Pis off
In front of Horała office
Day 1,798
before work #theme-frames
Day 1,797
New entrance
#remont Renovation continued changing dark glamorous style entrance to more boho styled. Love my idea of using spare lamp with some new s...
Day 1,796
New residential building #theme-frames
Day 1,795
before work
Day 1,794
Day 1,793
taking a couple of frames with camera. I have not carried my cam since one month.
Day 1,792
In front of hospital
Day 1,791
New perspective
Nice view point
Day 1,790
Bad night
I had bad night with long brake around 4. I had 4legs visitors in my trash bin. Never seen wild boar next to my house.
Day 1,789
From friend
Day 7, it is harder and harder #remont
Day 1,788
Strange to see sage green wall instead of chocolate brown in my bathroom.
Day 1,787
Noś maseczkę
W Gdańsku
Day 1,786
New Baby at home
Day 1,785
Yesterday I spent 4 hours watching polish design auction. I must say that this is very promising that prople admire design and want to spend so...
Day 1,784
This time of the year is full of seasonal veggies. Soon first anniversary for me as an vegetarian, so happy For this decision.
Day 1,783
Obiekt pożądania patery z Wałbrzycha z fabryki Krzysztof
Day 1,782
I would love to have such old glass vases. Anyone would like to sell?
Day 1,781
Last look to my violet wall
Day 1,780
Empty wall
Last day before re-decoration of our house.
Day 1,779
Today most of furniture were pick-up before renovation on Monday. I had difficulties to find vase to put my b-day flowers.
Day 1,778
Still 47
Mobile photography continues
Day 1,777
So busy last weeks we forgot to cut the grass
Day 1,776
Range 0
This is what I hate, driving on the last drop od petrol #theme-cars