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Michał Kulesza

Graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker. All full of passion. Living in Bialystok, Poland. Owner of Kul Studio. Mail me at maikel.kulesza@gmail.com
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1,182 streak
Day 308
Milky way
This is my second attempt. The same lens (24mm f4.0), place was much closer to the city but settings was correct. Also I had a combo in this...
Day 354
Red moon
I also got up at 3 a.m. to shot the red moon eclipse. I wish to have bigger zoom but I worked it out with what I have and I like the effect....
Day 236
Selfie with Toto
I took a sweet portrait with my little dog - Toto. It was quite difficult to stay still with him because he was wriggling all the tim...
Day 217
Today I was in my friend workshop. He is making awesome custom bicycles called Smooth Bikes I took some reportage photos of craft process. I re...
Day 202
Edgy tomato
I wonder what can be replaced by legos. Second pic for my challenge. I'm looking for more ideas to took something 'more creative' :) #nigh...
Day 307
I spent almost 2 hours on taking pics of dark sky. I wish to shot milky way and some perseids but after reviewing photos on my computer, I wa...
Day 316
I was on my plot this time. I drove on quickly to the forest for interesting view. Just trees and leaves like in the forest, so it's nothing spec...
Day 365
Happy birthday
I had a "forever alone" small party here... anyway I'm glad that tookapic finished his first year. Tookapic and realization my 365 proj...
Day 26
Little fireball
Today I was trying to catch some sparks and fire. There have been some attempts, my thumb really hurts! #night #white #light #tuesday...
Day 230
Poor experiment with refleciton in window. Finnaly we got nice weather and really nice sunset. I wish to have a view from high floor to see...
Day 207
Designer set
I will try my skills in tookapic weekly theme: knollig. Seriously this is my first time so dont ask me how many time I was composing this...
Day 209
Tools set
I took some of my tools from garage. #afternoon #keys #wednesday #garage #knolling #axe #tools #hammer #diy #screwdriver #kit #may #theme-kn...
Day 332
I hope it looks a little close enough for this. 300 photos in a row! Portait mode: isane and I think is stupid but.. I can do everything for my da...
Day 341
It's just simple night shot of road and some car lights in motion. I was on short evening ride around town. I had my camera and tripod, so why no...
Day 359
Forest path
This was amazing saturday walk. Me and my girlfriend went to a nature reserve for enjoy the pure fresh air and look for autumn colors. The...
Day 214
On Monday the weather was aful. Luckily the evening showed up some sund and I could took something in weekly theme...but I don't know that is...
Day 283
My holidays came to an end. Last walk in Gizycko, small icecream and few photos before leaving. I saw this shipwreck on beach. I think that...
Day 110
This are only my few, dirty lego's which left from my childhood. I would do more experiment's with them but recently I was wondering about buying...
Day 171
Some scrap
Today I was in village open air museum Majątek Howieny near Bialystok. There was some animals, some scrap things, old houses, vehicles and...
Day 153
Small gift
On man's day ( I never know when it is ) I got the first, small set of lego. My first idea was to take the photo of it! I wanted to build s...
Day 229
First shower
After 7 years (since I had my last dog) I present to you a new family member. I don't already know how I can call him but it must be shor...
Day 282
The eye
Maybe it's boring because I upload second sunset in this week but I think this one is also awesome. After all day of cloudless sky, some cloud...
Day 301
Flood waters
I went on small trip to Narew river. It's really beautiful and wild place. Full of birds, frogs and mosquitoes. #thursday #outdoors #natu...
Day 312
My dog was very patient. He had this little snack few time in his muzzle before I took good pic. Everything is good, if not my drooled shorts....