Jesse Lind What were your camera settings?

Great shot by the way.

Michał Kulesza Thanks! I lost my EXIF data. Settings was: lens 24mm, f4.0, 20,0 sec, ISO 12800.

Michał Kulesza Also read this
Very useful tutorial.

Jesse Lind ISO 12800?

Michał Kulesza ISO 12800.

Jesse Lind Wow my camera can only go up to 6400

Tomasz Gawłowski madafaker! cudne!

noun Woaw! Beautiful light at the ground with such a sky! I agree Jesse, it's a great shot!

Jennifer Faye Amazing!

Julie Perry Really good.

Ian Prince Awesome!

Michał Sadowski Top nightshot I ve ever seen.

Chris Lawton Unreal! Be incredibly proud of this!

jaxdreaming Fab shot!

olszi Świetne! Szacun Michał.

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