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1 year
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bvphotosnap Lovely composition!

Ron Dadoo wowowow!

My Confetti Moon Much appreciated!! @Ron Dadoo

Jette Vad Wow, I like it:)

My Confetti Moon Thank you :) @Jette Vad

Tomasz Dolata very nice pic :)

My Confetti Moon Truly appreciative :) @tomasz Dolata

Margie Beautiful detail!!! Really eye catching.

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much!!! @margiewb :))

Roman Czarny Whatever it was in this release it is stunning and perfect
I like the color and the transition between sharpness and blur
master shot

My Confetti Moon So very appreciated! Thx :)) @Roman Czarny

Michael Gatton Well seen and executed, good eye!

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! :))) @chan Gatton

elenagutga I love everything, the light, the leaf, the drop of water, the spiderweb... great!

My Confetti Moon Thank you so very much! @elenagutga

My Confetti Moon So nice of you :) Thx! @Artur

Satoshi T Nice shape, spider web and droplet. It looks like a work of artist!

My Confetti Moon Thank you for such kind words! :)) @Satoshi T. very much appreciated