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FlyteWizard Awesome background :D

bvphotosnap Thank you muchly! :)

Margie Great! I am proud of you. Really creative composition and good photo. Curious about how you got the shiny surface and multicolored background. Lighting is very nice!

bvphotosnap Thanks so much!! :)) You ask great questions @margiewb First the background is an image of my flowers because there is many colours in a bouquet I decided to turn it into a bokeh background. I found a great tut for PS here: Like I said before I really do enjoy editing and this person is well skilled and explains the procedures exceptionally well. Then I printed off a 13" by 9" and use as a background :) Second is my surface, I asked my husband to cut a piece of plywood 12" by 18" and he spray painted gloss black and then sprayed with a gloss clear coat, it turned out lovely :) Third is if I'm too lazy to grab my SB600 flash I just use my pop-up flash as in this image and I use an elastic to hold a facial tissue around the flash so that it spreads and softens the harsh light. I hope that this is helpful and it would be great to see you use any of these hints in one of your images and let me know how it worked out for you! :) and there we have it Ta Da lol :)

Margie You are so good to take the time to generously share your tips. The link is amazing. I don't have PS but maybe can figure that out in another way. What a nice husband you have! This info is valuable to me and I think you sooo much!

Amarnath Shiva Good thought... Nice reflection

bvphotosnap Very much appreciated, thank you! :)

My Confetti Moon Fabulous! I enjoy the reflection :) & creative work!

bvphotosnap Thank you @My :)

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