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Satoshi T Nice contrast between green and black. for CC:I feel a bit artificial feeling. If you wanted a strobe specific picture, it is success. But if you wanted more natural feeling, it is better to be more soften using diffuser or tracing paper.

jokele I was totally addicted to the contrast, when I made this photo. So the effect was wanted. The reflector umbrella was only slightly opened, so the light was more direct and hard. But I will give it another try to implement your comments. Thank you @Satoshi !

My Confetti Moon Most definitely worked! Fantastic :)

jokele Thank you @My :)

Agnieszka Wichrowska Strong photo ,contrast , colours, and drops look fantastic.

jokele Thank you @agnieszka :)

bvphotosnap I love the totally dark background! :)

jokele Yes, I like the strong contrast. Thank you @bvphotosnap