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Timothy Heberling As long as he doesn't get piano player's block...

Ian Prince I know how you feel.

Good job we have the streak ;) I know it forces me to keep going no matter what, and simply accept that somedays the photos I take are going to be nothing special...

Yet, interestingly, it's sometimes when I have no inspiration at all (and my mind is totally "off") that I actually take some of my better photos...

Ok, end of pep talk ;) As always, looking forward to seeing your photos.

Eline Thanks for the support @Timothy and @Ian :D I think I find it difficult to accept that I can't spend all day on my pictures :P

Timothy Heberling I think we all would like it to be our career - I'm frustrated that I can't think about composition very often, I just take what comes my way... Oh, to be a National Geographic photographer!

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