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bvphotosnap This is indeed old but not forgotten! Love this perspective @Satoshi

Satoshi T I also like this perspective and feel of out-focus. Thank you @bvphotosnap !

Joost van Halm Looking for a cat... No not there!

Satoshi T Oh, I forgot to bring! Thank you @Joost and @vera !

Tomasz Dolata wow,great place !!! and photo :)

Satoshi T It's difficult to create this abandoned feel in models :) You used matte paint for such expression in young time? Thank you @Tomasz !

My Confetti Moon Great perspective & find!!

Satoshi T I was glad to find it in the rain, and thanked for my lens creating this perspective! Thank you @My Confetti Moon!

Roman Czarny Excellent point of view

Satoshi T Thank you for your kind word, @Roman !

120mr I'm so happy, @Satoshi ! Your pic is misterious and a little bit magic.

Satoshi T Certainly, I can find and photographed it since your old brick wall and the old train photos have given me the stimulus. many thanks, @120mr .

120mr I can only say again that I'm happy. And I can admire your pics :D

Ana Nice! I like the perspective.

Satoshi T I am glad you like this old Japanese train photo. Thank you @Ana !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T In spite of the familiar there are ruins, I still not be able to face them. Perhaps my mind still so weak... . Lee chapman's Tokyo photos are amazing. Thank you for introduce them @denise .

Jakub Cool!

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