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vera OMG you got me... I'm blown away! I really thought it was a model ! Excellent Satoshi !

120mr I love it!

Artur Łobocki Spectacular reverse effect. I also thought that this is a pic of models

m_rudziewicz great tilt shift!

Jola I got to know that this is your photo. Great. Really looks like a model.

Grace I love this photo Satoshi!!

czareker Excellent work

bvphotosnap This is a great tilt-shift effect! Well done @Satoshi !

Tomasz Dolata Great! good job Satoshi !!!

YoonLun Cool miniature !!!

My Confetti Moon Amazing work! Looks great :))

Roman Czarny Excellent

Terry Artt Fantastic.

Aaron Langley Perfect subject. Perfect height. Great location.

WK Fan Nice photo. I really want to find a spot to take a photo like this!!

elenagutga Wow, I'm impressed!!!!

Ana You are a very creative photographer. Well done!

Satoshi T I really like train and model so I'm glad to hear all of you like it! Thank you for your kind words @vera , @120mr , @Artur , @m_rudziewicz , @Jola , @Grace , @Cicérøn , @czareker , @bvphotosnap , @Tomasz , @yoonlun_moments , @myconfettimoon , @roman , @tartt , @alangley345 , @wenkuang , @elenagutga , @pc-design and @ana !!!

rafu my daughter as You if you built it yourself? ;-)

Satoshi T I took real Japanese train from above. but "SBB model Intercity train" was model I made myself :)