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Filip Švácha Haha, i had exactly the same thoughts running through my head while I was creating my yesterday photo. I wouldn't have done such a photo without tookapic and I have capture it at open aperture, which I almost never do. I like the unusual angle, kinda like from child's perspective, I like the crop giving it a look of a TLR. Although, it would be more exciting if there was more going on, for example if the t-shirts blew in the wind and you used long exposure, or if a fly or a bird came by and sat on the line or the t-shirt. But that's just my idea, you perhaps had different goal.

Satoshi T I tried the old TLR style. I'm glad you feel it. As you say, I could make more exciting pic if the wind or some bird might come. The next opportunity, I'll try waiting for the chance of the unexpected. Thank you @Filip :)

My Confetti Moon Like the open view!

Shawn I like it. Clotheslines are great subject matter. I have seen old paintings that include clotheslines. Your photo is a very modern perspective.

Roman Czarny It came out amazing - I like that approach to this topic

bvphotosnap Terrific t-shirt photo!

Katrina Yu I love this picture Satoshi. Has a very nostalgic summer feel to it.

jayce Very nice perspective. Makes it a fun pic

Alek Jedliński Wow, wonderful photo Satoshi :)

Satoshi T Thanks, @Alek ! I miss memories of summer days!

Alek Jedliński Yeah me too :) Fortunately they are coming soon!

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