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bvphotosnap Very lovely and elegant! :)

My Confetti Moon Thank you :)) @bvphotosnap always appreciate your words!

jewels Beautiful!

Tomasz Dolata wow!!!looks like corals neck!!!

My Confetti Moon Thx so very much! @Tomasz

Roman Czarny Fantastic shot nothing but hang around the neck some sublime lady

Margie Or the lights at your backyard wedding! Very effective.

My Confetti Moon I considered a title using 'Twinkle or String' lights :) @Margie , thank you for thoughtful words & insight

jokele The drops are fascinating.

vera Wow! Beautiful H2o bling! It looks like pearls! And you cropped it very well I think!

elenagutga It's amazing!!!

My Confetti Moon Thanks so much! @elenagutga :)

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Great! I would wear it ;-)

Satoshi T Beautiful pearls!

Amarnath Shiva web looks like a pearl necklace

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Just beautiful :)

My Confetti Moon Many thx & appreciation :)) @malgorzata Czarniakowska

edyta Wow, it's so beautiful! Love it :)