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Paweł Kadysz It actually looks better on the mosaic view than the photo page itself. We'll work on that :P

Ian Prince Yeh it does :P, especially as it "smothers up" all the photos with 3:2 crops...
By "working on it", do you mean making it better on the photo page, or making it smaller on the mosaic page?

Paweł Kadysz We'll probably make the pic for mosaic view smaller and bigger for the photo page. Not sure yet. We need a week to see how the things are going with the new version. We don't want to make any rushed decisions.

On the other hand panoramas aren't that common. Out of 13500 photos uploaded I'm not sure if there's 20 of them.

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Damian Dulisz @Paweł It would be awesome if the picture could get as wide as the screen allows, only restricting to a certain maximum height. After all this is tookapic. All those awesome, hi-res pictures should be available to view in their's full magnificence. :) like this!

Kevin Drum I was peacefully browsing the site on my phone in bed, and you made me get out of bed so I could see this shot in the mosaic (on my desktop PC). It was worth it.

Ian Prince Thanks! Glad to hear it was worth it :)

Ian Prince As I thought.... this definitely seems like cheating, and makes me feel kinda dirty....especially since I've been sticking religiosly to 4:3 portrait crops for the last 66 photos.

I'm well aware of the layout issues for mosaics, but the most common crops of 3:2 or 4:3 don't show up so well... maybe we'll see many more vertical and panorama crops from now on...

Kevin Drum I'm sure of it. :)

Łukasz Krebok jaw dropping, nice!

Ian Prince Well thanks, especially as it was just a quick (and dirty!) shot to see how panoramas showed up on the front page...

Viola Qniej oh woooooow!

Ian Prince Thanks, but it still feels like cheating...

Dagmar great, thanks for sharing, where is it

Ian Prince My pleasure. It's Nyon in Switzerland, 20km NE of Geneva.

Jesse Lind This is amazing! I love how overcast it looks. :)

Ian Prince Thanks Jesse. We've been having really strange weather the last few days, sometimes it's summer, sometimes winter, with crazy skies in between. Good for photos at least :)

Nick Graham Nice shot, @Ian! Love the way it looks in the mosaic on my PC. Takes up a nice big portion of the screen ;)

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