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agnieszka bladzik no van gogh anymore :) i would love to see the end result

tania Me too!

vera Hahaha! Ok @agnieszka and @tania! I'll show you if you want ;-) next week!

craig I look forward to seeing it too!

vera Ok Craig! Thank you for your interest! I'm touched! :-)

Roman Czarny I see these beautiful pictures do not come out of thin air - you have a real talent

vera Thank you very much Roman... I try to make my best :-)

bvphotosnap Gorgeous work of art and love the perspective as if the viewer was standing right there with you!! :)

vera Thank you very much bvphotosnap! I'm happy you notice it, because that's exactly the effect I wanted to make, a feeling of proximity of the painting and the painter! The focus was very hard to realise because I couldn't see myself... I chose to trigger the photo with the 2sec function so to have time to place me. :-)

Satoshi T It's a very nice angle for canvas and you. I feel you are concentrated in your work!

vera Thank you very much Satoshi! I'm happy that you feel it, that's true! ;-)

My Confetti Moon Nice; Wonderful to see your work in progress! Hope you post your final work :)

vera Yes!!! I'll post it if you want! Thank you so much for you interest My :-)

v agnès Sweet light on your face, I like it much.

vera Thank you much Agnès! Glad you like it! No artificial light, just the light of the windows :-)

elenagutga Great work! I also love painting, but unfortunately life keeps me too busy to do it right now... :(

vera I'm sorry for you elenagutga! Painting takes a lot of time... I hope you'll have opportunity to paint later! When you end Tookapic project ;-)

Margie Such talent in a variety of artistic endeavors. I can see your passion from this photo.

vera Thank you so much Margie! I'm also fortunate to have an understanding husband who supports my artistic hyperactivity ;-)

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