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tigg That's funny I was thinking of you and the PEN F when I was walking the dogs this morning! I was actually wondering if you use the creative dial in the front much? Supposed to be the biggest selling point, but I did wonder .... In reality ... Does it get used?

Satoshi T It's a good question, @tigg and @lukasz_brozek
To be honest, I Never use it at all. :) Reason: I use pure RAW data and post process by LightRoom. Effect of this dial has Olympus specific data and they are no compatibility with LightRoom.
The effect is checkable in a camera or Direct JPEG output but usually I don't use JPEG from camera.

tigg Well there you go. So what made you but the PEN F then? If I may be so bold as to ask!

Satoshi T I don't use front dial but I usually use 3 dials on the top. I like the function of each dial is no change even mode is changed. because when I concentrate viewing, my finger can change Shutter/Aperture/Exp+- values directly. I want most small and lightweight m.4/3 camera which have such dials. so I selected PEN F. :)

Rafał Biernacki Searching eye ;)

Grace cool photo Satoshi!

Katrina Yu Love the light and the sharpness on this one Satoshi.

v agnès A very smart one! I like the light very much.

Ron Dadoo I like the focus in "Olympus" and your eyes

Kateli I'm getting to like your Pen-f more and more... Great photo !!

Margie This to me captures the focus passion and essential nature of a photographer and his camera. Really nicely done. Beautiful light.

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