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Like the discipline of a daily photo project.
#6 337/365
2,162 streak
Day 2,162
In action.
Day 2,161
Yew tree
Unfortunately one of the yew trees in this photo will be pollarded tomorrow, basically to save it. It is obvious in this image how poorly the...
Day 2,160
Day 2,159
Beer glass
We went to a club meet at a pub this evening. First out for .... maybe 18 months or more. #theme-found-typography
Day 2,158
Day 2,157
Life, so short
Eternity, how long. #theme-found-typography
Day 2,156
Poppy heads
In the garden, at the garden open day. Had a good day but oh so tired.
Day 2,155
Open road
Late afternoon hubby and I went to the reception for my Godson's Civil Partnership. We left at 4.10 and the satnav showed an eta of 17.12. P...
Day 2,154
Thistles & Gladioli
Tiring old day, working in the garden. Still lots to do before we open for charity on Sunday
Day 2,153
But curved ones #theme-curves
Day 2,152
Plant pots
Day 2,151
Day 2,150
Rose arch
With trees behind #theme-curves
Day 2,149
Wedding flowers
There was a wedding in the village church yesterday, and the decorations fascinated me when I went to church this evening. I returned...
Day 2,148
Hot thirsty dog!
Could not resist posting this shot of Hector.
Day 2,147
Day 2,146
Out on a summer's evening
I have no idea what had caught Hector's attention
Day 2,145
The corner of a bedroom
Not mine of course ..... but I was rather captivated by the decoration in this bedroom. My image is an attempt to make art!
Day 2,144
Car Engine
Day 2,143
Stairs with window
Busy old day - again. #theme-dark
Day 2,142
I would call them pink chiffon, but whatever their name they are very pretty. #theme-pastel
Day 2,141
Flag with sunshine behind.
After a busy day, I prepared dinner ready for cooking then packed a pre-dinner drink (no alcohol gin, tonic, ice cubes, sli...
Day 2,140
Petals on the compost heap
Did some dead heading of a climbing rose, then put the petals on top of the grass cuttings. #theme-petals
Day 2,139
A new craft "supermarket" called Hobbycraft has opened in the local retail park. Whilst my husband picked up his prescription from the chemist I...