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Like the discipline of a daily photo project.
#7 310/365
2,500 streak
Day 2,500
Just before choir practice
Day 2,499
Real or Fake?
A car parked at a luncheon we attended today
Day 2,498
July 2nd
Yes it is July. Yes it is summer. But it has been a damp cold day, so we lit the fire in the dining room for our meal this evening. #theme-he...
Day 2,497
Cauliflower curry for supper
Day 2,496
In a farmyard
Day 2,495
National Camera Day
Did anyone know this before it was on Instagram today? probably a UK thing. #national-camera-day
Day 2,494
Kitchen garden
Went to the opera at Neville Holt this evening. Beautiful gardens, lovely picnic supper, good company and a great Barber of Seville.
Day 2,493
Looks expensive
We noticed this today so lucky that when the stone fell it did not break the stained glass window.
Day 2,492
Hector & Olga
12 1/2 years old, and 10 months. But still good friends. #theme-best-friend
Day 2,491
A sparkly new Audi about to be picked up and taken away.
Day 2,490
Olga with our son Simon
certainly, best friends #theme-best-friend
Day 2,489
Old car
Small wing mirror
Day 2,488
Perfect 5th
Sometimes when I clean my teeth, my husband's shaver cleaner starts working. I have noticed that the buzz of my SURI electric toothbrush i...
Day 2,487
Hay making
And I was in the shade on this very hot day. Lucky me.
Day 2,486
Looking up
At the wildflower (area) in our garden
Day 2,485
Fallen petals
Day 2,484
Homeward Bound
In a classic car (1963) and the windows fit where they touch. Did not get very wet at all, though, so all good!
Day 2,483
Above Castle Howard #theme-air-travel
Day 2,482
In the walled kitchen garden at Harewood House
Day 2,481
Loving couple
Not the prettiest part of the garden that we saw this afternoon, but I took a likening to this couple. It was so hot and humid, and they...
Day 2,480
Heavy load
Thought this load, spotted on the A1 travelling north, was rather special and probably quite valuable
Day 2,479
What a strong lady - bet her arms ache.
Day 2,478
3 legged thing and me
Day 2,477