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Like the discipline of a daily photo project.
#7 141/365
2,331 streak
Day 2,331
With the guard, and a porter. What facial expressions. #theme-signs
Day 2,330
Day 2,329
Vaccination centre
Such a sign of the times. #theme-signs
Day 2,328
Woodland path
Day 2,327
Cleaning church gutters
And, fortunately, not lead theft.
Day 2,326
Saw this sign in a car park adjacent to River Trent. Trouble is, that the sign itself looks like rubbish! #theme-signs
Day 2,325
The one photo I took today
Been a busy old day, getting lots and lots done. Here we see husband trying out the new carpet cleaner. Think we are quite...
Day 2,324
Tornado (again)
As the weather was much better today there were many more people at the station to see this majestic engine. #steam-train
Day 2,323
At the station
We went to see "Tornado" which is visiting our local preserved line. I was videoing it move out the station, holding my iPhone in my le...
Day 2,322
Frozen puddle
Enhanced by me playing with the white balance
Day 2,321
Don't drink and walk
Never seen this message on a wine bottle before: "Don't drink and walk on the road, you may be killed". Quite a good resolution I...
Day 2,320
Lady on a bench
Day 2,319
Fun with an Olympus
I cannot resist a starry night. Think you need to look large to see the image at its best. Think this was about 550 images, just o...
Day 2,318
Resolution - no photographic pressure
I should be content with whatever photograph happens to land on whatever camera I have with me. Today? Two aerop...
Day 2,317
Literally a snap with my iPhone - and I was getting wet for my tookapic post too. #rainbow #theme-color-lights
Day 2,316
Purple Envelopes
I woke in the middle of the night, remembering I had not prepared the "Purple Envelopes" for those who give to the church by this met...
Day 2,315
I won't be sorry to see the back of 2021; onwards ......
Day 2,314
Winter Wonderlights
The last journey of the season. I love the image stabilisation on the Olympus cameras. #theme-color-lights #steam train
Day 2,313
Man & machine
Day 2,312
Waiting at the traffic lights
Day 2,311
Been a very grey day again, but I had a nice walk in the rain this afternoon.
Day 2,310
Christmas tree in wiondow
#theme-christmas #icm
Day 2,309
Advent ring
The fifth, and last, candle was lit as this morning's Christmas Day service of Holy Communion. #theme-christmas #advent ring #church
Day 2,308
A requested photo
A friend of mine was going to see the local hunt meet this morning, and I asked him to take a photo or two for me as I thought it wo...