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Like the discipline of a daily photo project.
#6 229/365
2,054 streak
Day 2,054
Rosa Banksiae Lutea
Day 2,053
They will soon be over for another year .....
Day 2,052
Favourite books in the kitchen
Love cooking with the Swiss Bread book, and finding the Portrait of Britain photography book quite inspiring. #theme-bo...
Day 2,051
Blue tit
Between the very cold hail storms we have had all day. #theme-sky
Day 2,050
Help lift my spirits.
Day 2,049
RIP Prince Philip
My husband receiving an award for conservation, back in 2004. What a sad day for Her Majesty The Queen, her family, and the majority...
Day 2,048
Husband could not understand why I like this photo.
Day 2,047
Day 2,046
Day 2,045
Day 2,044
Blue sky and green grass
It has been a roof-down-on-my-car day today. Happy Easter!
Day 2,043
Sheep and lambs - Easter weekend!
Day 2,042
Good Friday
There is a green hill, far away .....
Day 2,041
Day 2,040
Lovely drive home from visiting mum. Roof down weather
Day 2,039
Same wood (we are doing interviews this week) but today I loaded form my computer and rather hope it will be the right way up!
Day 2,038
Holt Wood
Very busy day. Loading from phone as 23:20. Never done that before - hope it works. Oh well!
Day 2,037
Contemplation on Palm Sunday
After a long day, full of extreme emotions, the donkey rested, and thought about the load he had carried and the week ahe...
Day 2,036
First lambs
That I have photographed this year. Blame lockdown.
Day 2,035
From the perspective of someone in wellington boots.
Day 2,034
Day 2,033
In lovely spring sunshine
Day 2,032
It was nice weather when we walked the dog this afternoon.
Day 2,031
Blossom with blue sky