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v agnès ;-) good capture anyway

Tomasz Wiśniewski Thank you @v. Thank god phone cameras aren't crappy anymore :)

Miłko That happens to me all the time. Sweet photo 😉

Tomasz Wiśniewski Maybe I should order two sd cards then :D?

Kazziz order four. put one in a small pocket of the backpack, one to your wallet, one by SD-reader and one into the camera. Every time You take a card out to download photos, You put that loose card into the camera. and even if You forget the card, You still have one in your wallet ;D

Tomasz Wiśniewski You have it all figured out! That's pretty clever, I need to do that. Thanks for the advice! :)

Kazziz I can't count how many times that old 4gb from my wallet saved me ;)

Adam Urbaniak S*it happens;)