Roman Czarny Wow even me speechless with delight

Rene Gruber Thanks @Roman , yes also speechless for me, for freezing cold!

Margie Iconic shot!

Rene Gruber :-) Thank you @Margie ! Have a great evening!

Kevin Drum I give it a 10 out of 10. Stunning.

Rene Gruber Thank you Kevin for your words! I wish a great day! @Kevin !

NitaR Wow! Such beauty!

Rene Gruber Thank you @NitaR !

Satoshi T great composition and well balanced starlight and lighting for the Kirche!

Rene Gruber Yes the Kirche! :-) yes was not easy to balance all light right! have a great day @Satoshi !

jokele Oh je...4 Uhr morgens... Das nenne ich Einsatz! Hat sich gelohnt.

Rene Gruber Danke dir @jokele ! Mir ist aufgefallen dieses Jahr! Je härter die Anstrengung desto tollere Bilder! Aber sehr geplant vorgehen! Gruß!

jokele Und Wecker stellen nicht vergessen :-)

Grace Beautiful! I'm hoping to take some star photos this weekend, I hope they turn out half as nice

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