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Shawn That's a beautiful view, and the reflection works really well.

My Confetti Moon Thank you @Shawn 😀 Very appreciated!

Romain Wow, I like the reflection in the water...

My Confetti Moon So happy you like it & for your comment! @Romain

bvphotosnap Beautiful muted tones with a great reflection!!

My Confetti Moon Much appreciation & thx! @bvphotosnap

elenagutga This is so beautiful! Very peaceful, I would love to be there right now!:)

My Confetti Moon It is my fav mediation spot 😊; thank you very much! @elenagutga

My Confetti Moon Thx very much for your likes, support & comments- always appreciate them @Amarnath

Tomasz Dolata wonderful reflections !

My Confetti Moon Many thx & appreciation always! @Tomasz 😀

Margie This gives me such a nice feeling. Love the title. Reminds me of my Girl Scout days.

My Confetti Moon I never thought of that; beautiful & nostalgic, thx!!!