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WK Fan I just click your YouTube review but I don't understand Polish. :(
If the review is English would be better.

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Kazziz well... I can try to do it. There is always the first time. What do You say, Paweł?

Kazziz E-PL7 in new housing. I hoped for it to be a small E-M10 Mark II (like E-PL7 to first E-M10), but there biggest change is the design.

Which is, have to say, really pleasant.
Have fun, especially with the wi-fi - live bulb, time and exposure work perfectly with it!

Kazziz By the way, in my feed there are two Olympus cameras next to each other - Yours and mine Pen-F from scholarship with Przemek Jakubczyk :)

Sebastian Gil Try Adobe DNG Converter. I cannot say for sure that it will support RAWs for this model but it saved me a couple of times already ;)

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alexking waiting for ur testing

Kateli You're lucky. Will you be able to test the Olympus omd em-1 mark 2 also ? I'm really interested in that camera. I use the pen epl-7 at the moment but it's lacking speed and and quick focusing...

Paweł Kadysz To be honest - I have no idea if I'll be getting the EM-1 Mark II for testing.

Kazziz You will for sure :D
It'll take a bit more time for the E-M1 MkII to hit the stores, afaik the premiere is scheduled for first week of December - and first stocks will go to the stores, but after they'll have plenty at Olympus Poland, someone will send You a nice package.

Kazziz Paweł, try Olympus Viewer -> convert to tiff -> import to lightroom. I know it's an additional work, had the same problem when I bought E-M10 Mark II until I've updated Lightroom.

Gogi Golzman hi pawel what version of lightroom your'e using ?
maybe you just need to upgrade the version =]

Paweł Kadysz I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.7 with Camera Raw 9.7. 1090788 is the exact build I have. And there is no update option in the CC menu, so I guess I need to wait.

Jakub Witkowski Pen pineapple, apple olympus pen :D

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Paweł Kadysz To zdjęcie nie jest zrobione idealnie z góry. Za aparatem jest zwinięty pasek. Aparat opiera się na pasku pod kątem około 30°. Światło pada idealnie z góry, ja stoję przed aparatem więc w żaden sposób nie blokuję światła.

O tak:

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