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jayce This is a good passion I love listening to this instrument. Please do not hesitate to send a Wav link of your sound, will appreciate to hear

Margie Unique view and very picturesque.

Ron Dadoo Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey
beautiful instrument 😀 I do more pictures than playing the piano ... I am not good musician but I like to let run your fingers on the keys ... I have to take time for it !

vera Me too...

vera What a chance you have with this beautiful piano!!! super pic!

365 Shades of Calvados Beautiful colours!

Boczek Beautiful piano and great perspective! I join @jayce idea of uploading some of your sounds :)

Kazziz Satoshi, now You're obliged to make use of your PEN-F movie mode... and share it!

Satoshi T Thank you @jayce , @Boczek and @Kazziz for your idea ! I have a bad habit of thinking too seriously too much -it must be a kind of addiction- . Sound recording, video recording , uploading it to the site... I thought it was too much hard. But I watched @lukaszbrozek 's "kraftwerk" with his guitar playing , Little by little, it seems that to be able to think that "it is better to think more casually."

Comment was deleted

My Confetti Moon Stunning light! Awesome view 😀

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