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jayce This is a good passion I love listening to this instrument. Please do not hesitate to send a Wav link of your sound, will appreciate to hear

Margie Unique view and very picturesque.

Ron Dadoo Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey
beautiful instrument 😀 I do more pictures than playing the piano ... I am not good musician but I like to let run your fingers on the keys ... I have to take time for it !

vera Me too...

vera What a chance you have with this beautiful piano!!! super pic!

365 Shades of Calvados Beautiful colours!

Boczek Beautiful piano and great perspective! I join @jayce idea of uploading some of your sounds :)

Kazziz Satoshi, now You're obliged to make use of your PEN-F movie mode... and share it!

Satoshi T Thank you @jayce , @Boczek and @Kazziz for your idea ! I have a bad habit of thinking too seriously too much -it must be a kind of addiction- . Sound recording, video recording , uploading it to the site... I thought it was too much hard. But I watched @Łukasz 's "kraftwerk" with his guitar playing , Little by little, it seems that to be able to think that "it is better to think more casually."

Łukasz Brożek I hope to see your video with playing instrument. :D
I can tell you that I record myself quite often to see myself from third person perspective. It gives me opportunity to see and hear better my mistakes and then I know what can I improve with my phrasing, playing style, technique, etc. Another reason I recorded my video was that my friend wanted to see how I improvise when I'm alone. Playing with him and alone is different experience and gives me so much different ideas how to play on guitar. When I recorded it and uploaded on YT for him I realized that it's not that bad so I can publish it for other people.
This process making this video takes me about half hour. Very simple kind of video.
...and sometimes recording stuff like this gives me much fun.
It's nice that you like it. I appreciate that. :)

My Confetti Moon Stunning light! Awesome view 😀

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