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Romain Oh so... cuteeeee :-D

WK Fan Lovely!

craig Oh dear!

bvphotosnap Sweet face! :) Wonderful themed photo!

Tomasz Dolata hahaha and the dog's eyes when he knows the bath is approaching :) but it is after a bath, my dog was raging with a towel around table !

Mama Dinozaura Run Roo , run ! 😃

My Confetti Moon Roo & I thank everyone for the likes & great comments! 😄 He survived & did energetically race about afterwards (he never runs to hide prior; sort gets panicked struck lol) @Romain, @WK, @craig, @bvphotosnap, @Tomasz, @Mama

freyr This is how "Shrek's dog's eyes" would look like : D Soo cute!

My Confetti Moon Lol, Thanks! @freyr I think so too 😄

Margie A-dorable!!! Love this. Great pleading capture.