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My Confetti Moon Beautifully executed!! Fantastic theme with great detail 😀

bvphotosnap Thanks very much @My! ☺

Margie Oh that's beautiful! Santa looks almost real with the perfect lighting and detail. And the bokeh and stockings in the background are wonderful. Nicely composed.

bvphotosnap Thank you Margie, it's so nice to be able to stay inside and do the theme when it's so cold out, I don't necessarily want to put up a tripod and freeze my fingers off if I don't have to. ☺

Romain really nice... combinatio n of the close up and the bokeh are great!

bvphotosnap Thank you @Romain! Christmas is the best time for photographing bokeh ☺

Romain indeed....

NitaR Great shot! Love the composition. This is a beautiful Santa and the bokeh adds a magical enhancement of Santa.

bvphotosnap Much appreciated @NitaR thank you!! ☺

Amarnath Shiva Beautifully done with great details

bvphotosnap Thank you @Amarnath very much!! ☺

Tomasz Dolata Good job @bvphotosnap :) amazing socks in the background hanging on the fireplace :)

bvphotosnap Thank you so much @Tomasz!! ☺