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Romain Wow.. cool (!) shot... nature at it's best

NitaR Lovely shot! It has such a meditative feel to it despite the thunder of the rushing water.

My Confetti Moon Thank you 😊 @NitaR

bvphotosnap Your title and comment matches perfectly for this theme!! Lovely serenity displayed in this photo!

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much @bvphotosnap 😄

Shawn Love that balance of dark and light. Very pleasing composition.

Satoshi T I feel like I can hear the sound of torrent!

tombe awesome, feels like a painting!

My Confetti Moon Thank you @tombe 😀

Tomasz Dolata Moment of reflection and listen to the nature...priceless !

Margie You always give me something to think about. You are such a person of depth and talent. I respect and admire you even though we have never met.

My Confetti Moon The kindest of words 😊; thank you @Margie