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Satoshi T Great night shot!

noun Thanks!

v agnès Super! Happy new year copine!

noun Merci! A toi aussi Happy new year!

Roman Czarny Wow Masterpiece

noun Thanks Roman!

Alicja Ulanicka Beautiful view and gratuluję perspective!

noun Thanks Alicja!

Katrina Yu There's so much harmony in this picture!! Great capture!

noun Thank you Katrina!

jayce Fantastic shot!

noun Thanks!

freyr Wow!

noun Thank you!

My Confetti Moon Outstanding!!!!

noun Thanks!

Kateli Love your photo !!

noun Thanks Kateli!

Kazziz I really like it. Constructive criticism: I prefer a bit cooler white balance, even if the city lights are warm and the world looks yellowish.

noun Yes! I didn't posttretreat the pic, but I agree!

Mateusz Wow, geil!!!

noun Thanks!

Casey This is just....wow. Beautiful!

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