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Katrina Yu Happy new year Satoshi! Nice ornament. We Chinese people wait for Chinese new year to attach ours at home :)

Satoshi T I want to see your ornament and decoration for Chinese new year. Happy new year @itskatrina !

Roman Czarny Happy new year

Satoshi T Happy new year @Roman !

Artur Łobocki Happy New Year

Satoshi T Happy New Year @Artur !

S Kumiko ひとプロジェクト終えたばかりですが、今年も引き続きチャレンジしてみようと思います。今年もよろしくお願いします🐔

Satoshi T 今年も静岡からの写真を楽しみにしています ! 🐔

noun Happy New Year Satoshi!

Satoshi T Happy New Year @noun !

Katarzyna Wielochowska Happy New Year Satoshi!

Satoshi T Happy New Year @Katarzyna !

freyr Happy New Year!

Satoshi T Happy New Year @freyr and your Kangaroo! :D

freyr Thanks! Kangaroo also sends thanks! :D

My Confetti Moon Lovely! Happy New Year to you 😊

Satoshi T Thanks! Happy New Year to you too @My Confetti Moon :D !

Łukasz Brożek Happy New Year!

Satoshi T Happy New Year @Łukasz !

Kazziz Have a wonderful year, Satoshi. Lots of cats, lots of trains, lots of wonderful photos... I don't need to wish You that, since I know You'll have all of those. I wish You to have Your inner peace, the ability to sometimes stop and look around to see all the beauty surrounding You that You weren't aware of. Thank You for all wonderful moments here this year, You're a real hero of tookapic and daily inspiration for lots of us. Stay Yourself, You're the best Satoshi T. aka radsatz there could be!

Satoshi T This year , I hope find my inner peace, and I think I will do it more easily than last year. Thanks for your support @Kazziz !!

Kazziz You're welcome, Satoshi-sensei!

bvphotosnap Many blessings for a great new year @Satoshi!! 謹賀新年 ☺

Satoshi T I wish you a wonderful year @bvphotosnap :D !

Tomasz Dolata 謹賀新年 @Satoshi :) I wish you much all the best !

Satoshi T Let's share fun this year @Tomasz :D

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