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Wioleta I love all your gallery. Your photos are so warm and has very special mood. You can capture right moment in your camera. Great job.

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you. The most difficult is to choose this one picture from all others.

Gogi Golzman those colorssss!!! great work

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you!

Satoshi T Excellent!

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you Satoshi. This day I took more pictures and to be honest I don't know why I chose this one. It seems to be right decision :-)

Kazziz Wonderful view!

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you. This view is from Olszanica. You know why I was there :-)

Kazziz yup :)

wenjie beautiful

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you!

Margie Beautiful and interesting capture. Love the composition, the colors, and the detail.

Ewa Kudlaty Thank you!

Ewa Kudlaty Hello

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