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noun Great pic!

Kateli Thank you ! I love your latest ones !!!

tania Not with me ! Do you know many Tanias ?

Kateli Only one !!!

Pascal Chapalay Vous avez fait la même sortie @tania et toi ? :D

Kateli Mais oui... avec les petits lutins !!

tania Mais pas du tout !

Pascal Chapalay Mais c'est laquelle des deux qui ment ? !!! ;-)

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Roman Czarny Beautiful wonderful excellent etc. ... ;-) :-) :-)

Kateli Waow ! Thanks so much !!

Satoshi T Nice day @Kateli ! you can took butterfly in Winter in this place?

Kateli Yep, the butterflies fly freely in a closed humid and tropical area. It was great ! It felt as if Spring had arrived... until we walked out of the place !!!

vera Joyful pic and beautiful bokeh!

Kateli Thank you @vera ! xx

Margie Lovely shot~!!

Kateli Thanks so much !

Romain great picture with a wonderful bokeh

Kateli Thank you !!

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Kateli Thanks so much !!

Comment was deleted

Kateli Aw thanks very much !!

Adam Urbaniak Incredible shot. Congratulations, Kateli!

Kateli Thanks !! Really boosts me on these positive comments !!

Adam Urbaniak Im glad to hear it, as its pleasure to see your photos every day. The way you work with the colors is amazing, and also from some time i see less filters on your profile what means (I think) you feel more steadfast with you camera. Dont you?:)

Kateli Yes but I'm going to change it soon so I'll have to learn all over again !!! ;O)

Adam Urbaniak Oh really? And what will it be? Do you remain commited to Olympus 4/3 system?:)

Kateli Olympus OMD EM1 mark II, same system ! Not until February though...

Adam Urbaniak Wow! I see you approaches seriously to the topic. No worries, its almost spring do youll have much better light to test on new gear.

Kateli Quite true !! :O)

Nutt Gorgeous! Wonderful pic!

Kateli Thanks @Nutt !! :O)

kadry joanny I like your style too. This one it's wonderful ! <3

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