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tania Like a movie ! Nice !

Kateli Thanks very much ! xxx

Dokamini Amazing!

Kateli Thank you !

adamg Very nice! it was 8s or 0.8s of exposition time? Regards.

Kateli Thanks ! 0.8s of exposure time ;O)

jewels Super cool :-)

Kateli Thanks so much !

jayce Metalic art, great!

Kateli All grey !! Thanks !

Ron Dadoo ça roule pas un peu vite là?

Kateli Même pas !! On respecte les limites de vitesse !! ;O)

Magda Ko fantastic

Kateli Thank you very much !!

Ian Prince Excellent! I tried the same photo earlier today, and failed miserably, not even a tenth as good as yours.

Kateli Thanks ! I'm blushing !

Roman Czarny Fantastic photo

Kateli Thanks so much !!

egzist Wonderfull! Now I think the secret is the time. 0.8 was good enought to make this stunning effect. I have to try with 0.8 :)

Kateli Let us see what you capture !!!!

Antala Amazing! :)

Kateli Thanks.

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