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Adam Dembinski Hi Grace! Great photo! Actually I like your all photos. What lenses you use? Which is your favourite?

Grace Hi Adam, thanks so much :D I have the Olympus 12mm f2.0, Panasonic 25mm f1.4 and Olympus 40-150mm f4-5.6. I think it depends on the situation which I like best, but I mostly use the 12mm for landscapes, and the zoom for birds. I like the 25mm in low light situations, and it is nice for street photos. I am also thinking of getting another zoom so I can get even closer to birds :) what is your favourite lens?

emofaerie Incredible colours... amazing photo!!

Adam Dembinski Hi Grace! Still I have no idea! I have em5 II just 2 weeks. I have 12-50mm and 45mm(it's sharp and have a nice bokeh)This is my first that advanced camera. So there is a lot of details to learn. I can't wait when the spring will come. At the moment in England the weather is really cold, grey and rainy. Also I am quite busy at work then I coming back late. At first opportunity I will go to Wales for some nice landscapes.. an weekend;) It look to me like you are surrounded by so many beautiful places to visit;) I'm jealous ;)cheers:)

Grace Ah cool, you will enjoy getting to know your camera. I learnt a lot about using mine last year, especially with having to get good photos every day when the weather wasn't ideal or it was dark. Rain can be interesting in photographs too, try look for reflections in puddles, night photography when its been raining in a city can be really nice with all the reflected lights. I still have England (and the rest of Europe) on my list of places to visit, I want to check out all the amazing old architecture... New Zealand doesn't have anything really very old at all.

Adam Dembinski You right. In the rain it might be really interesting. In Europe there is a lot of old things;) Come to UK, come to Poland where I born. Or anywhere in EU:) I have to go sleep now... have a nice week:) I am waiting for new photos from you:)

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