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przemekg What do you mean by "Reversed kit"?

tzachmost Screwing 58mm-to-EF-mount to my kit lens and mounting it reversed. As simple as that :D

Sylvia Alonso Hermoso ojo, me encanto tu foto 😊

tzachmost Muchas gracias, y los ojos que dar las gracias a mis padres! : D

Pati Super!

Kamil Kaczor In my opinion it's really great photo! But is there one artifact? On the right side "something" cover the flash light, mistake in postproduction? Look like stamp in incorrect place. But finally photo is really great!

tzachmost It is, in fact, my hand! 😂

Satoshi T great self macro!

Natalia 😮😍

Kazziz Tomek, get more sleep. :)

tzachmost Even more? 15h isn't enough? :P

Kazziz so don't sit that much in front of your screen and buy some eye-drops ;)

tzachmost Don't worry, don't have much time to sit in front of the screen :D
This was done on a purpose, exposing those veins, that are not normally visible during the day

Kazziz You're a grown up, consider my advices like Mrs Hudson's from Sherlock ;)

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